poem competition for STP

Hi y'all,
I'm going to buy two tees for my brother and I just thought that somebody might want a STpoints... So if you want two points, make a short poem about Ms. Dragon who likes cakes. The one, whose poem will be the best, will get the points... You have about 30 minutes... Let's go :)

Watch this

this is a poem,
aparently im meant to use "ms dragon",
and cakes in this poem,
how the fuck do you ryhme cake with make and bake?
ms dragon must be baked (as in fully stoned) off her cake.



impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

ms dragon bit your dick off,
oh no,
what have you done ms dragon
no more dick

She Says So

i once had some cake
but made a big mistake
when i went to the oven to heat n bake
mr dragon was there
he burnt off my hair....
retreve my cake?
no I wouldnt dare.

thelovefanclub profile pic Alumni


Miss Dragon bait.
She the one who like eat cake.
This poem make her date.

She Says So

and my mr dragon i mean mrs.


so, time's up... and the winner is... SheSaysSo!


I hope you like this.

Once there was an ambitious creature
Who had this distinctive feature
Of being so sure
That her beauty's pure
In reality she was insecure

She believed she was the paragon
And guys would be turned on
So she called herself Ms. Dragon

Years passed and she realized
no one loved her as she idealized

Oh, what a heartache
A happy life she can't make
So she decided to eat some cake

Cake was her own volition
Cake became her passion
Cake became her tradition
Cake became her mission
Cake caused her destruction

She died on a piece of cake
No one visited her wake
After all Ms. Dragon was a fake
She was a maggot, for our knowing's sake


ahhwwww.. time's up? :(

I did not make it... sad... labor in vain again.. XD


any other STP contests? heheee XD


that was awesome!!! when I buy another tees, STPs are going to you for sure!


yiiiii!!! thanks thankss!!! :D


yiiiii!!! thanks thankss!!! :D

MeLa de Gypsie

nooo.. I didn't see this in time... sulk

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Ms. Dragon and the cakes she ate,
Oh crap, I'm MUCH too late...



there once was a dragon of female born
between to desert options she was torn
on side of the table was a doughnut of glazed
the smell of the sugar made her nose amazed
yet over there was a cake so delicious
she couldnt help but feel sugar premiscuious
to the cake she went and devoured it whole
she didnt even wait for a plate or a bowl
and see was so happy with her choice of desert
for her sugar glands no longer felt the desire and hurt

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