Rose colored glasses

  • by ispman
  • posted Jun 09, 2012

Watch this

Hehehe, like it. The rose guy can also be same color as rest. Can you explore some different shapes of glasses. Looks very similar. Otherwise looks ready!


Thanks msj2109


i think instead of just smiling.. make its teeth visible.. to make more impact :)

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Experimenting with colors. What do you think black or red?


Red is just better I think, both are great!! I think to exaggerate the smiley wearing rose-tinted glass may increase the size of it to make it obvious! I think overall, the design could go larger to make the impact!!! Hopefully that should help!!

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Also, have you thought of giving the smiley guy cooler glasses? Like the round 70s style ones? These look generic...

unique character

While the title doesn't come across in the design, I still really like the shirt and would consider buying it. I'd consider getting rid of the rose concept and making the sunglasses clear (or the T-shirt color). My personal taste would be the turquoise color shirt. I still clicked submit because it's a pretty strong design.


Nice, positive design. The sunglasses should be in another color than pink though...


I like red for the shirt.

I think the rose color is good for the raised face. (Or at least it is supposed to be rose--looks more pink actually, so try again to get a pink--maybe also zoom in on smiley faces to show more detail.) That's the whole point of the design; the one with rose colored glasses (think of the idiom) is happier than the rest. You might give all of the faces tinted glasses, with only the elevated face having rose colored lenses. This would create a better juxtaposition of the main message of the design.

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I meant "try again to get a" rose...not pink. Mistyped. And actually, I just looked at the two colored shirts again and think both are really good. You might provide both shirt colors in your submission.

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