Grrr...too short. Now with picture.

  • by yion072
  • posted Dec 02, 2006

I got a girly medium as usual and it is SHORT! Why Threadless? On the plus side, it is more fitted but if I move to large I am afraid there will be the unsightly bunching around the waist.

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aww. :( no fun
i wear girly medium too
so i'll remember that


How short is "too short"? Is it "grazing the top of my jeans" short or "exposing my belly" short or "we called these 'half shirts' back in the eighties" short?


Yeah, how short is it because I am a Girly M as well and I don't feel like exposing my slight large tummy.


There is a half inch to an inch of belly showing and I haven't washed it yet.


I am very tall. It might be okay on some other people. However, I never had a problem with medium AA being short.


I will take a pic of the shirt on me so everyone can see how short it is.


I just laid all of my AA girly shirts size M model 2102 and the variation in length is almost 2.5 inches! My 1975 is the longest by far and I find it too long. It's probably defectively long since the others are closer to one another in length. My Prepare for Fight is probably the ideal length. I just measured it and it's 23 inches from shoulder to hem.


I just laid all of my AA shirts ON TOP OF EACH OTHER.

Hopefully that's understood. :P


Is asking for 2 or 3 more inches too much? Maybe I should just switch to large, but I really like that this shirt is fitted now. Medium AA shirts tend to bunch around the waist.


Grad student housing is amazing lol


i think i should buy this shirt now to see how it fits..

this makes me sad.. american apparel fits so well!!

tiphaine profile pic Alumni

i think AA is too short... i wish the threadless girly XL would be 1-2 inches longer than the AA girly XL. i know, a girl can dream...


Mine guy medium IS SO BLOODY LONG.
It's like 2 inches longer than all my other mediums.


I'm pretty tall, and the AA shirts were always too short. Damn!!! I was hoping for Threadless to be on the stick on this one and make 'em longer!


I think a lot of the differences come from the shrinkage. Some colours end up smaller than others (or is that just me?) I wear girly XL, and would love it even more if it didn't shrink quite so much. Looking forward to the new shirts.


Okay problem solved - take length off the guys shirts and give it to the girls. Even exchange =)


hmm..interesting..I may have to experiment with the sizing myself.
Also, tall girls rock. That is all.


Yay for tall girls! Let's start a club and call it "No, I do not play basketball"!


:( I'm short but all my height is in my torso, so I have to wear longer shirts. I think the AA length is usually pretty perfect, I wear a Girly L in that. I agree with the person above, maybe add another 2-3 inches to the girly threadless shirts. I would have to stop buying Threadless shirts, because I don't think anyone wants to see my belly hanging out the bottom of my shirt (there's a real problem with that here in Texas). That would make me so sad! :(


woah crappy.
how tall are you?

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I'd like to point out that I really enjoy a girl's shirt that shows off the tummy.

But then I'm not wearing 'em.

Hopefully the guys' shirts are long enough... My tummy's not anything anyone wants to see.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Ross, please make the guys small shorter in length and wider on the sides.


are you crazy kaloyster..that would make it about the same as they are now

narrower and longer is better...

shes pretty lush

i measured some AA shirts that fit me well length wise and 25" from top to bottom is pretty much my target. i'm 5'4". not sure if that would make me a medium or large in the new shirts..I've only been ordering larges now though because the length is much better, but I have a small upper body so it gets baggy. basically I would like them to fit like largeish mediums (the mediums that arent incredibly skin tight) but have more length to them. i'll have to order the new shirts in medium and large and check out how they are.


Im 5'8 and I wear large in AA and they fit awesome.
I hope they aren't that short


that's the price you pay for being tall, yiono

I knew there had to be a downside somewhere for you people


I have short legs and a long torso! Need more length! I would say 2-3 inches. I mean. People can always take their shirts up if they hate it that much, others can't let them donw:0(


I'm pretty short and I wear a girly M, the AA ones are okay - please don't make them longer than the AA ones! I'd actually prefer them an inch shorter but considering the majority of people here seem to be so bloody TALL (I wish I was too), I don't think its possible... but NO longer than AA PLEASE!!!


it looked so much longer in the product pic. i hate how short it is on me, it barely reaches the top of my jeans and I'm not that tall.


I usually love my shirts long, and I'm a little dismayed to hear that the new M shirts are short. I think AA was the perfect size, length-wise.


AA was a really bad fit for me

i have a short torso, but a big chest so the AA shirts were always way too tight on top and too long and not at all fitted near the waist

i'm looking forward to owning something with side seams thats shorter in length


Ughhhhhhh thank goodness someone mentioned this before I wasted my money

Once again threadless fails to actually go out and consult their consumers before making decisions.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

it is a bit short, but your pants also look like they're being pushed a bit low

i DO really like how it fits your waist, though... definitely an improvement over the AA tees

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

damn if I'm not able to buy from threadless simply because everything is too short I'm not going to be happy!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

bananaphone, i think the guys' tees are much longer... some have suggested they're too long


I'd given up on threadless awhile ago because of usps only shipping anyway, so I'm not pissed just confused....

The major complaint about the AA shirts from the girls side has been the length, over and over, why would they totally ignore the feedback and do the opposite?


I got a guys 2xl, it's kind of long.

I haven't washed it though.


you're skinny - you can get away with the short shirt.


bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i need "too long" usually.


I'm really short and prefer a longer shirt. I want to make sure nothing is hanging out and I'm pretty skinny, just way to old to be showing my belly.

I usually have to wear a longer tank under my tees and that sticks out another two inches or so. If these are even shorter I'll just be showing a lot more tank.


I got this shirt as well as another AA shirt a few days ago, and the I heart threadless one is soo much smaller, but it actually fits just like an AA shirt after I wash and dry it. I took some pictures as evidence:

w/brand new AA shirt

w/washed & dried AA shirt

I'll probably take another pic after I wash the i heart threadless tee :)


i like my tees long :( hopefully my size will work out when it gets here ... i bought one, too, for testing


noooo guys small def longer cause its awkward when my tummy is shown off but medium is too big


everyone's gonna see your ass when you bend over.

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