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I have a range of designs using this character and hope to see them on clothing in the future. I would very much appreciate some honest feedback on my first attempt at making this happen. Ta, Jamie


i love it. The only thing i would suggest is make the eye a swirl or something. It seems to solid compared to the rest. But even that i don't think really needs to happen.

please let me know what you think about my idea thanks http://www.threadless.com/critique/103877/the_bridge


Thanks for your comments and I will take your advice on board. I've just realised the eye is still filled with white and has been cut out, so it stands out slightly more. I will fix that for the next one.


For those designs I have given constructive criticism on, I would really appreciate, some back on this one, ta


Just a thought, but how about adding a little color behind the character, like a tye-dye effect?

Thanks for commenting on "Life Sucked Out". I'm going to try your advice. Love to have more of your input on my other designs, like De~Lemo. http://www.threadless.com/critique/98705/De_Lemo


Thanks Amy, and I think your right, tye-dye would definately add appeal to the traveller type, but I hate it, lol, Me again making things that I would wear. I will have a go and see if it works. I'll take a look at your other designs now.


Again I think that comes from my preference, I'm mr minimalist, smaller the better, the less central the better, but maybe I need to focus on what other people want


I like the design, and the position is great. Maybe you should try adding a tree or anything like that so the guy can lean against something :)


Thanks for the advice pandoraboxmedia, my next design has this character leaning against a tree, so not sure the repetition would be so great


Boosa, listen its not my fault I got a short arm, lol,...no, actually thanks for that point noted for my next version.


So am currently in the process of developing the second version, taking on board peoples advise, looking forward to some more i


hey, I really like the desigh, but i think you should work more on the face and the neck and how it's attached to the body. Also, the horizontal line for the nose should be shortened. (: and thanks for the feedback on my design (:


Thanks for that, I'll take that on board. The horizontal line under the nose represents a mustache, so it needs to be that long, but may need to be thicker, to make the mustache clear. I do think the face needs work whilst looking closer


This design is awesome. I agree with the others, I would love to see the eye as a swirl. Also, the left arm kinda blends into the leg, not sure if it's supposed to be like that or not.


The only thing that's putting me off that idea is, eyes as a swirl represents brainwashing, and I tried it and it kinda looks like that, unless I make the swirl more like the sort on his heal


Good advice, thanks Skalv


Maybe even try white ink instead of black dude. [Willy C]


Yo Jamie! had to make an account on this site to make a comment!

From a design perspective i think it's great. The design is minimal and positioned well on the T-Shirt. The colours stand out well on their own and think that it needs very little tweaking opposed to what is suggested above. I completely disagree with the comments about a swirl in the eyes, i play the didj and thats how i would be if i was playing (minus the dread's obviously). Seems like people are taking the illustrative style too literally and forgetting to think more laterally about the stylisation that you have used. I can see what people are saying about the left arm but to be honest it 'doesn't fart in church'.... figuratively speaking!. Biggest criticism on here would be (and this goes for ALL of the treadless user-base) is....Take your criticism on the chin! people post to get feedback but spend most of there time defending their design! Good Luck and hope it goes to print!

Im now off to get on this design a t-shirt mission ;)


Improved version, moustache gone and hand more detailed I'm going to leave the arm as it is and decided not to go with the swirly eyes, that really didn't work. Let me know what you think.


I'm loving the color choice! I think all the small things that were tweaked make this a fantastic design. I'm glad you didn't go with the swirl for the eye. I think that would have disrupted the serene feeling of this design. The only suggestion I have for this version is maybe working on the lines to make them a little less wobbly/jagged.


Version 3

Beard neatened up, quite a few places neatened up actually. Neck added, chest muscles expanded a little, foot changed slightly and edges neatened up.


Not really something I, personally, would be into. But the style you used to create the image is cool and something you should use in other images.

I can see you put alot of work into this and the pic in itself - particularly this version - is well executed. But to be honest, I feel the market for this type of image would be limited.

Happy to be proven wrong, of course, but that's my opinion. Good luck!


It looks great!....but 'here i go picking on your arm"...again! ;) I still think it looks unnatural, length and angle of the hand. If i dropped my arm next to my side while seated it reaches all the way down to the seat. But if you like what JahMunch said about not taking it too literally and you're happy with it, then i say.....submit! Cheers for comments on my design!


Thanks for the comments. I did the sitting down thing with a didgeridoo and found that when getting into it, my arm tensed up and I lifted my fist, whilst exhaling lots of air, so I'm going to keep it like it is, but appreciate the comments, and Soul for Brains, I'd just like to prove you wrong.


New version with text added, and things cleaned up, what you reckon?


the face and the neck looks better now (:

Ben Umehara

I can see some of my friends wearing this.


thanks for the comments, I reckon its near ready to go up

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