the tramp side of the moon

  • by mrwonk
  • posted May 25, 2012

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a very simple, and hopefully humorous, tribute to pink floyd's dark side of the moon.rnrnfyi ... on a black t-shirt.rnrnthoughts? thank you in advance.


I like it, though it's quite hard to see the Pink Floyd symbol. Also, I know it's supposed to be cartoonish even where you shaded it, but it might look a bit better if you made the shading more gradient. It's a little too blocky right now. The stars are a nice touch, and well placed. I'd like to see it on a tee though, just to know how you would place everything. For the Pink Floyd symbol: What if you put it actually on the dark side of the moon, but had a glow of white around it? That way it would be on the dark side of the moon, instead of just very very close to being on the dark side of the moon.

Critique mine?


thank you for the constructive comments. i'll break out the gradient tool for a more realistic feel and also darken "her dark side" some more. :)

i have a version with a little flying saucer and a question mark near the moon highlighting the tattoo. perhaps i'll combine your idea of the glow and the saucer (as if exploring and encountering it).

thanks again!

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