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Rian Hughes

Student designer seeks tips.


Awesome like a hotdog! I’d wear it and so would my wife.

Mr. Goobler

What year are you in, young fella? I'm guessing you must be a freshman? your design doesn't seem to have legs, although that might be deliberate. Have you thought of adding a funny caption like: 'Don't worry if you get me legless, I'm pretty armless.' or something.

Anna Malady

Love this design. Coquette-ish and cheeky. Works better in pink for girls but great to look at. Want!

Rian Hughes

Well, I'm just starting out. Working on an old Mac 2Ci, hoping to get a Quadra when I can afford it, and hopefully learn Corel Draw and PhotoExpress.

Mr. Goobler

As an old pro, I'd say give those macs a miss and stick with a good old PC! There are some excellent packages which can help you draw on PCs like Word, which lets you draw, make graphs and write letters too! There are also some excellent books which can help you draw things like arms and legs. Books like 'how to draw manga' if you're not sure how they look. (A good rule of thumb when drawing legs is to draw cylinders and make them go in and out at the ends and in the middle). Try looking in a mirror and seeing what your own legs look like, don't forget to take off your trousers thought. Obviously, don't give the girl in your design big man legs, big hairy legs don't look good on a lady. That said, you might have legs like a lady, smooth and dainty so perhaps basing hers on yours would be okay, I don't know. After all young men's legs start off lovely then get lumpier and hairier as one gets older. It's great to see the younger generation are happy for advice from the older, we have a great deal of insight to offer if only you chaps would listen.

Chaitanya Reddy

Honestly I like it .. looks like the body has been given a miss deliberately ..which I like .

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Rian Hughes

Thank you so much for all the helpful suggestions. Seeing that I'm just starting out, and that research and accuracy are essential in art - other than art of the "contemporary" kind, which gets special dispensation from the cultural elite - I decided to take your advice and practice drawing legs by standing in from of a mirror. Being that I am a chap, and hence even at my tender years am developing hirsute limbs unbecoming of a drawing of a lady I decided to make use this product: I have heard that one has to make sacrifices for one's art; I fear the cost may have been too high.


It looks perfect...but somehow too simple for me.


I see you cleverly added an abundance of hair to avoid drawing arms, however that is not going to wash when it comes to legs. Maybe think about standing her in a swamp or looking out of a window. With much practice I believe it is possible to go a whole design career without drawing limbs.

I await, with much anticptaion, further improvements to this illustration and others in the future.

Rian Hughes

I confess that the missing arms and legs disguise something far more embarrassing: my lack of proficiency in drawing hands and feet. My hands end up looking like bunches of bananas, and my feet like something you'd find lying on the side of a motorway on a hot day. Over my lunch break today I asked random females on Kew High Street if I could take a closer look at their feet, and if they'd mind taking their shoes and stockings off so I could take some close-up reference photographs. I was sadly disappointed by the quick recourse to profanity when a more enlightened attitude to the support of the Arts might be expected. No wonder we as a nation are losing our lead in the creative industries to the Far East. I can only assume that over there the general public (or at least those who are blessed with feet) are more supportive of their own struggling creatives.

Mr. Goobler

Yes, hands and feet can prove very problematic. Once again, may I offer a suggestion? I always put mittens on my characters, finding it much easier to draw than all those fingers and thumbs! Why the good Lord seemed it necessary to gift us so many digits when three and a thumb would have been just as adequate I don't know!

Anyway, when drawing feet I often either put boots or wellingtons on them or hide them behind foreground objects, like kittens or boxes (which are much easier to draw than kittens). Just remember this helpful rhyme.

If hands and feet make you shriek, Then Mittens and Kittens will make things less bleak!

However, if you can't hide your hands away in a similar way then just try putting your hand down on a piece of A4 ( 11.5" x 8.2") paper and just draw around the shape then fill in the details afterwards. Don't try this with feet, the rush of blood to the head is quite disorientating.

Bravo young fella.


I think this design is quite cute, but it does cut off a wee bit awkwardly and, for all the personality it definitely does poses, it come's away feeling oddly static. I think the problem your facing here is that it's a very bold design in a very standard format.

Personally I would blow this up so that the bottom of the image extended beyond of the shirt, place it off-center and put it of a tank top - it's sort of a go-big situation to me. That, and the design reminds me of places like Hawaii, which in turn makes me think 'beachy,' or 'sun,' and I want something lighter than a tee, but that's a very personal interpretation rather than a wholly objective one, so yeah. But I do still think a more creative format or placement would make this a stronger piece.

The other thing you might want to try is pulling the outlines of her forearms in a bit - because you're not using any gradient tones, everything white is interpreted as skin. She looks very petite for the most part, but all the white space around her middle makes her forearms look disproportionately thick, so the overall effect is a little damaged by it. Angling them in more sharply/ holding them in closer to the body would probably restore her balance a bit.

Hopefully some of that was helpful, haha.

Rian Hughes

I've now mastered something called Photoshop. It's rather good. It allows you to blur things and change the colours so people look a bit like a Warhol painting, or maybe ill. I've taken all your advice on board and updated the designs. What an improvement! Who needs to be able to draw hands and feet when you have the Internet to appropriate images from! I can't believe that anyone actually commissions new work form "artists" these days when all you have to do is find something nice online. It's so helpful that this completely free image resource has been made available to everyone. I do think this new version puts those fancy-pants digital effects you see in those new films like Avatar to shame. I'm sure James Cameron will headhunt me soon, if Ridley Scott doesn't call first.

Rian Hughes

I'll have to update the old part of the design to being it up to the high standard of the new additions. I could run a Photoshop filter on it, perhaps? Drop shadow? Textured metallic effect with a neon glow and speed blur? All the above?

Mr. Goobler

Almost there, I think. The legs on the left (pink design) are more in keeping with the style of your drawing but the hands do look a little on the large size. Also, It might be the size of the pic but I don't think the hands quite match up with the girl's arms. Good effort though, Mr. Hughes.

Will you be presenting them as part of your final piece when you graduate from Art School?


Hmm...I actually prefer version 2 as its simple and good enough. Version 3 is too much with the real legs and hands. Sorry. May be you would like to consider version 2 instead? Thank you.

Pls pls help me with my designs too:-

Throw Tantrum Panda

Save Panda

A million Thanks!


i don't know... I think this would look absolutely fantastic with a nice thick bevel.... maybe some generic text across the whole thing. maybe even slap on an unedited gradient.

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