Lord Byron the Derpda

  • by wishaway
  • posted May 24, 2012

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Lord Byron the Derpda is a stuffed panda I found and bought. His face is lopsided, making him look somewhat angry, very intense, and very derpy. I hope you like me design!


OMG!!! This is soooo cute :D


Hmm. Perhaps. I'm not sure a disembodied head would work better though. Maybe I can make the body more obvious? Or maybe put him in more of a sitting position...


I think a sitting position could work quite well. I like the handdrawn feeling of this, and the expression on his face is just great! I'm not too sure about the grass(?) though. I can't really put my finger on it, but something about it seems a bit off. Maybe you could try making the panda look more like a stuffed animal (since it's supposed to be one)? And add something that makes it unique, a little twist or something? Now it's just a panda, and we've all seen pandas before.


I like the design! Really good hand drawn effect. My only suggestion would be to try to give it a more plush, stuffed animal type body. But great design though!


Alright, now he is sitting, and he looks a bit furrier. Not exactly like a plushie, per se, but much better I think! What do you guys think? Critique is still greatly appreciated! ^_^


Awww! Panda! I like this a lot. I would say just tweak the front two arms like give it a lil paw touch and its good to go!

Victoria Bevington

I think the blurriness in the lines right underneath the panda's belly is a little bit distracting, but aside from that the design is adorable! And like Avanis said, maybe make the front paws a little more solid, but great job otherwise.


Front paws more solid? I don't really want to make them defined with claws and such, but do you mean less flat? They do look a bit flat... And will do on the blurriness. I was thinking that myself!

Victoria Bevington

Well, I don't think they need to be super defined, but I think maybe a little cleaner on the white lines. They look kind of hasty, though I understand if you're deliberately trying to keep that loose, sketchy look. That's just a little thing though; if I recommended you fix one thing, it would be the blurriness, definitely.


the colours are perfect, maybe adding texture would help and adding shading below him to add depth.


I defined the paws a bit more with the white lines and got rid of the blurriness (perhaps too much on that part). So...what do you think? ^_^


I would place the panda more according to the rule of thirds (moving the panda either up and left or up and right) to give it a bit more of an asymmetrical composition...then you can add more grass lines sweeping off the bottom toward the side to give everything a bit more movement and make the design less contained within a square shape. Very cute, I like it!


I extended the grass. I'm not sure about making him more asymmetrical. I sort of like him in the middle where he is. Thoughts?


Thanks! I was thinking that myself. I'm not sure what else I could add that would help, rather than just change the design.


I like what you did with the grass much better =)


i like it as is! i cant really think of things to critique. its a very wonderful shirt and i would totally buy it!


awww cool idea, i like this latest version, especially what you did with the grass, much better than in the beginning. I also like the panda centred and wouldn't place him/her asymmetrical. Looks like you are done wishaway? really nice work!

Zotos Design

Very nice to see how you got here from the beginning, I think it is ready. Would look nice on a kids T too.

If you have time..? :D Tigy-wigy


I think that the background is unnecessary . . The panda is cool, but you could take away the circles on the front to look like he is standing with his foot down. You could make it more cute too. Mess around a little bit, to see how it works.


James McKechnie

nice :) I agree with the foot thing though. ^^^


cute. i would many of andre's comments. the background makes it too busy for my taste. that said, it has been vastly improved from v1.


i would "echo" many of andre's comments. :)


great! it looks much better now :)


i would get rid of the background and make the feet look like real panda paws because the feet looks like suction cups.


Okay, so now his front feet are touching the ground. Is this better? I also touched up the face a bit, defined the mouth a bit more. I'm not sure I like this one completely. I submitted the version before this and it got rejected, though, so it still needs some work. I'm not so crazy about making the paws more real for a couple reasons: It changes the whole idea of the panda being plush, I can't draw real paws very well (I attempted this already on Lord Byron), and I just don't think it would mesh with the rest of the panda looking so much like a stuffed animal. Thoughts?


this is so cool, i like the progression :)


This is awesome and I love it on the green. I like it being a plush; I would maybe use some gray to highlight the black fur a little in the lower legs. I would totally wear this though.


I think this is really cool (but then I am a hairy animal myself!) Have you thought about making the belly hairy to match the rest of it? Did they say why it was rejected?

If you get a chance please vote for my design here. Thanks!


Alright, make the hairyness more pronounced is what I'm getting so far. I can do that. Before I make the change, though, anything else I should change? They didn't give me a real reason for declining. They only said that I should go get it critiqued (headdesk). Maybe I need to clean up the lines a bit.


its pretty cOOl, and i love the detailings, ( and dont worry one of my design also got rejected ) , i dont know ho your design look'd first so, i think you should go for it and submit it now :))


Hmm, okay, smoother. It was sort of intended to be shaggy. But I suppose that isn't appealing? And I totally see how you mean on the grass background.


Okay,I changed the fur to make it neater and more furry in some places. I made the back legs slightly larger to accommodate for the larger front paws. They were starting to look disproportionate. I changed the background so that it is only green and yellow. What do? Better now?


I think I may like the darker background more...


you have been doing a lot of editing here. That's good. real hardwork. i think... for me... it's better if it's in a white shirt, then the grass is solid green. or why not change the background into bamboos cause pandas really love bamboo. although they eat it. :)

thanks for your critique. it's now up for scoring. i humbly ask for your support.. http://atrium.threadless.com/CBTF/subs/#/submission/grip/


its cool.. but maybe changing the tee color would make it nicer..


For me, all of the markings going on behind him is very distracting. I think if you added some subtle and muted bamboo stalks in the background it would make it so that he is more clearly the focal point. Since he is already on a bright colored shirt, it might even work to just take all the background out and just add shadows under him?


The panda is cute the only thing I would say is consider another color not that theres anything wrong with the one you got but I would like to see how it looks with another color scheme and find a way to make the panda more of focal point maybe a some shadow or more of a glow in the background


Ok I don't mean to be rude... here .. but I've read all these comments and it seems a large chunk are suggesting a change in tee colour or re=work the grass.. but I think what you need to do is either straighten the nose to balance his face... or bring down his left eye. adjust the ear towards the left.. try and make the panda face look like how dog tilts it's head to the side when it sees something unusual.

if you have time

Retro Kassette


Oh, perhaps you haven't seen the very first version. he's supposed to be derpy and unbalanced. I suppose that is the "charm." His face is supposed to be like that. It's intentional.


Aaaand, here he is on a lighter shirt, keeping the lighter background. He definitely seems to stand out more on this one...

unique character

I'd darken the belly fur a bit, and add more texture to the front arms. It took me a second to understand the forms of the body. I hate to go backwards, but I liked the green one better. I don't mind the green grass shapes, but maybe change your brush size and add some variation.


Looks great! Maybe a litte contrats between teh white of teh panda and teh black fur would accentuate it better? ;)

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