Cool ipod case?

Does anyone here know where i can find a cool ipod case/holder? I really wanted an andy warhol one i saw at urban outfitters but they sold out! anyone have any website suggestions???

Watch this

if you have the right one you can make one out of a gum pack.


I have the ipod socks because I hate cases. It works more as a sleeve.


I've got a zen micro and I made a sweet one out of an Altoids tin.


They were available through MacSkinz but if you go to their Web site ist says something about none of their products being available for purchase at this time... I wonder what happened?


noooo!! MacSkinz is down! i'm guessing they must have sold out
: ( any other suggestions??


tiny meat

They're fantastic. And vegan!


I have an iskin evo...they're cheapest on amazon.
It's not the most fashionable case, but it looks nice, comes in a bunch of bright colors, and protects the ipod really, really well. Being a little OCD, I did a ton of research on the best case, and this had the best overall reviews. It's relatively cheap, too -- $20 + shipping.

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