Calling all deviantART users

Calling all deviantART users:

Threadless is officially a member of deviantART :) but our page is still pretty weak! We thought it would be cool to spice it up by posting YOUR artwork on our page. It might help you get some more cred and exposure! Plus, it's our way of thanking you for being awesome! If you are a deviantART and Threadless user, simply post the link to your account here and we will post your art on our page!

And while you're at it, check out and join our new group!

Watch this

I believe ALice is some sort of admin for DA. She could probably do a thing to connect things and things. I don't know.


Alice silverqe.

skaw profile pic Staff

ok guys i think we screwed up the first time around, it looks like our group was set up to not allow anyone to join o_O

now if you go here: and try to join the group it will actually work :)

also, if you want us to feature any work in the group, you can suggest it to us on DA.


yo jake. how's it hangin'?


oh awesome! another site i need to get active in!

brainrust profile pic Alumni

I've been thinking of joining up there, this is the trigger to make it happen! Just to confirm: is it okay to have designs available for sale as art prints at DA if they've been printed on shirts at Threadless?

reags profile pic Alumni



@brainrust- As long as your designs are not up for sale on Threadless as art prints, you can sell them wherever you like!

brainrust profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the info kateswan11! I always get confused by the legal terms with submissions and I like to know I'm doing things right. It's good to see the deviantART group growing; Threadless seems pretty popular wherever it goes!

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