THREADSPOTTING: Name Those Designs Edition!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted May 15, 2012

Sup, Threadheads?!

This edition of Threadspotting comes to you with a little twist. Many of you (and I mean MANY) have sent in sightings of Danny Pudi’s character, Abed, wearing various Threadless tees on NBC’s Community. Well, we’ve compiled the majority of them, and now we’re going to play a game called “Name Those Designs!”

The rules are simple: Check out the photos below and, in the comment section, list the names of the designs AND the artist in the correct order. The first person to list the designs correctly in the the right order wins! Simple, right?

What do you win?

A giftcode for a Threadless tee of your choice
20 Street Team Points
Glory... so much glory!

Ready, set, GO!









Good luck to everyone, and thanks to all who’ve submitted these sightings! Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

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haha. fun! I actually missed one of those while viewing


I just went with the artist names listed on the product page

  1. Winter Is Coming by Rachel Gottesman
  2. Water Balloons by Alice X. Zhang and Melanie Herring
  3. She Doesn't Even Realize by lonesquid
  4. Runnin' Rhino by Allan Faustino
  5. One of These Days, We'll Fly Away! by Bryce Milburn
  6. The Night Gardener by Terry Fan and Eric Fan
  7. The Madness of Mission 6by Travis Pitts
  8. Easy Steps by Pascal Rivet
robber ducky
  1. Winter Is Coming by Rachel Ray Gun
  2. Water Balloons by silverqe and purplekecleon
  3. She Doesn't Even Realize by lonesquid
  4. Runnin' Rhino by alanis
  5. One of These Days, We'll Fly Away! by illustratetheworld
  6. The Night Gardener by opifan64 and igo2cairo
  7. The Madness of Mission 6 by travis76
  8. Easy Steps by Le Squale

well that felt a little like a prem ejac


I was able to do Runnin' Rhino, The Night Gardener and the Madness of Mission 6 without looking. And I was so close to remembering the title of "She doesn't even realize".

So, no prizes for me. But I'm rewarded with a well dressed Abed so I'm cool with it.


I had all except first in the first 10 minutes after publish. Find design „Winter is coming“ was hardest to me (30 minutes OMG), so … maybe next time :)))


That was fast! Congrats, @Psherman42!

Enjoy your glory! Enjoy your Gift Code! Enjoy your Street Team Points!

Check your inbox!

I hope all of you had a good time participating, and I hope to try something similar in the future - as long as you guys had fun!


Abed has Pillow Fight on in the most recent episode!

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