Goodbye Slogan submissions, hello collabs!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted May 15, 2012

Attention sloganeers!

We love the way you craftily glue words together to make hilarious phrases and pithy sentences. But after much thought, we’ve decided that slogans are kinda hard to judge without seeing them as part of a final design. So, we’re removing slogans submission and voting from

What does this mean for all you witty wordsmiths out there? In order to judge slogans fairly, we want you to collab with artists and submit your slogans in finished designs so they can go through the normal voting process. This will give those people who score your slogans an idea of what the final tee will look like. (It also means that if you split the tee prizing 50/50, sloganeers get $1k instead of $500!)

Comment in this blog if you are a sloganeer who needs an artist or an artist who wants to bring some slogans to life! And good luck, collab-ers!

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I understand where this is coming from but not all artist on here are willing to co-lab, Ive tried several times to see if anyone wanted to help me make a slogan into a visual print for the sheer fact that it would come off better than just judging by words and got hardly any responses and its really hard to do that kind of stuff via the phone or internet if you dont live close by. So..that kinda sucks

goliath72 profile pic Alumni

This is a thing that i felt would be coming, but i feel that it will make it hard for some people who have great slogans to get together with artist. Excited to see how this goes!


oh dont get me wrong I dont think Im so brilliant sloganeer Im just bringing it up because there ARE some slogan writers who deserved to be printed and Im afraid now they will miss their chance if they do not have someone to collaborate with, ya know?

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I am not surprise at your decicion. Not that I agree with it but it was obvious you guys didn't really care for slogans.

Either way, I wish there was a way to ensure every one gets a chance to collab. It's not as easy as you make it sound.

Rachel Ray Gun
Rachel Ray Gun profile pic Alumni

I think it should be noted that you don't -have- to collab with an artist. You are always welcome to take a stab at designing your own slogan for the full 2k!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

hahahahahaha, you haven't seen my drawings Rachel LOL

Farnell profile pic Alumni

A slogan isn't any good unless it is designed to work on the shirt so I think it is a great idea. At some point somebody is going to have to design it, so this way the writer gets the chance to be involved in the creative direction of the slogan.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

this is so grood! (great and good)

I'm a sloganeer. you can be one too, 'cause collaborating with artists is the thing to do.

my slogan blog

digsy profile pic Alumni

sounds like a sensible idea, but other peeps have already pointed out that arranging a collab isn't as easy as it sounds, so if threadless is going to take slogans away with this as a replacement idea, it would be nice if it were supported in a more organised formal way. i dunno, a blog section devoted to it or a different part of the site where peeps can still submit slogans and then interested collaborators can make contact and pick them up. still, i totally get the reasoning behind this decision, hopefully we'll still see some interesting slogan based tees coming through


makes complete sense, no doubt! but it is very difficult to get the artist you want to actually contact you back, some of y'all with super artistic or design ability will barely even respond or answer some of the simplest of questions or requests within the blogs or on your very own sub. everyone wants a chance at a print and everyone deserves an equal opportunity at that chance! there should be a separate submission option for slogan designed tees, in my opinion....and then there should be at least one slogan designed tee printed each month, imo...

spacesick profile pic Alumni

my life is over

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

I would love my slogans designed and I hope at least 1 of them 7 designs submitted for sloganwars get serious print consideration.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Don't you guys dare land on top of me (I have enough pain already)

Ryder profile pic Alumni

I've got some slogans I want Nestor to draw for me... Nestor i'll give you a 50 Piece McNuggets for your time.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

RR, I am trying to lose weight, make it some apples and carrots and we might do something

(checking your slogans right now)

soloyo profile pic Alumni


I'll do something like this

soloyo profile pic Alumni


send me my prize


This is not good. You can neither expect a sloganeer to go and beg to designer for a design nor it is necessary both designer and sloganeer like eahothers' work. Anyways we don't rule.


A slogan isn't any good unless it is designed to work on the shirt so I think it is a great idea. At some point somebody is going to have to design it, so this way the writer gets the chance to be involved in the creative direction of the slogan.



Maybe slogans get more attention if they always go to the "normal" votingprocess but for the deep-rooted sloganpeople: "Please don't jump off the cliffs, you are needed!!!" Haha!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

authormirischdateon May 16, 2012timeat 05:00:36Maybe slogans get more attention if they always go to the "normal" votingprocess but for the deep-rooted sloganpeople: "Please don't jump off the cliffs, you are needed!!!" Haha!

Just to clarify, I didn't jump. I was pushed. Damn Spacesick I will get you back...


i are like to draws.


The day has finally come! I think this is a good thing, overall. I just wish I could draw, my networking skills aren't that great.


Come to think of it, my slogan-writing skills aren't that great, either, so what do I know?


I feel like this was the natural conclusion for this to end up at. It's a bit tough for threadless to print words on a shirt that sell well without any visuals to accompany them these days, and the voting process for slogans was so removed from the usual process that it wasn't making any sense. But it's sad to see the end of an era.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Question. Is there a "slogan design" option on the submission page now? Additionally, does this mean previous slogans that were printed now have a higher reprint reward?

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

I'm a sloganeer in need an artist

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

If you're an artist interested in doing a collaboration, comment in this blog. Thanks!

Musarter profile pic Alumni

"A slogan isn't any good unless it is designed to work on the shirt so I think it is a great idea. At some point somebody is going to have to design it, so this way the writer gets the chance to be involved in the creative direction of the slogan."

I also agree with this in principle. My concerns are 1. getting collaborators motivated and 2. people will always vote slogan shirts lower than artful design. It seems slogan shirts will have slim to no chance printing.

Wylie Knowords

Threadless, you just broke my heart.The amount of thought and work I've done over the last year was enormous. I know you sell shirts all over the world and slogans have to be translated. I get that. Some shirts work better without words I get that. But some of us who have submitted a slogan a day for 300 days are pissed. Most of the slogans I read each day are worse than horrible. I get that. But, there were some good ones and great ones. I wrote some of them. Are the ones I've sent to you still mine? If I get an artist to collaborate with, can I resubmit them or do I have to come up with new ones only? I have written many Tweets over the years telling all of my 3,000 followers how Threadless is one of the most creative companies in the world. How Threadless treats artists with respect and love. I still believe that. I love to vote for artwork I like a lot and write a comment and give it a 5. I always wished the slogans were as good as the artwork.

I am a sloganeer in need of an artist. I've read over a 100 books on creativity and imagination. I can work with any artist any way you want to work. (My book, The World's Most Creative (And Dangerous) Quote Book,, is at the pre-agent, get famous creative blurbs, stage.} I am not bragging. It seems on the internet when you tell what you've done, some people think you're showing off. I'm not. You don't know me, and I am trying to tell you something about me. I just won a slogan contest for a banking firm in California a few weeks ago. They had a theme but no artwork was included. I have taught classes in creativity for students and teachers. One was entitled: The Power and Seduction of Words. Another: Say Know to Words. My classrooms were filled with artwork from around the world. I love art and artists. I love design.

I can take criticism without freaking out. I can work around any insane schedule you might live. I am not an artist, but I have sold my photographs for years. Work: from idea to art to words. Or from words to artwork. Or.....My e-mail: My Twitter: Wylieknowords. My website:

I have Paint Shop Pro 9 and a Toshiba Satellite with Quad Core. I'm still learning. (Couldn't afford an Apple.) I might try to work with my photos, but I'm not an artist or computer geek. Wish the hell I were both.

There have been times when I loved artwork and went to the Threadless site only to find the artist had filled in nothing. Tried to Google and couldn't find them. I had found a freelance job for their style and never found them. Why don't artists fill in the free blog Threadless gives them? I want people to find me.

I wish Threadless had asked sloganeers and artists for suggestions. I wish Threadless would set up a way for us to connect. A lot of artists are difficult to Google or Bing or whatever.

ABOVE: Loved reading the ideas above: from Taz-pie, spacesick, rossmat8,spacesick,skindapple digsy, bio-bot900, Farnell and Soloyo.

NEW IDEA: Dear Fantastic Artists & Designers, how do you want sloganeers to approach you? Give us a format. You want one idea or 58? E-mail? Threadless blog? Help. We, writers, feel let down and sad today. How the hell do we connect? I jumped on my computer to write my new slogan and found this. I suggested a few weeks ago to have a different voting system. Yes I'd wear & skip. That would stop the snarky people who just vote against everything they didn't create or just for fun. The voting for artwork is perfect. It is nuanced and works.. I feel unloved and slapped around. No input. Threadless. Please find a new way to connect artists and writers. Most writers wish we could wake up tomorrow as artists. Sadly, this isn't going to happen. I've been Tweeting wonderful things about Threadless for years and I don't plan to write bad things now. If any company in the world could come up with a better way to get slogans, Threadless could. That's a New Challenge for Threadless. Please help the writers. Don't waste all of this creativity and imagination. I saw the Boulder speech and read the Why I Started Threadless. Agree with it all. H E L P.


Seems like people are just upset they won't be getting paid to do nothing. Not saying thinking up a great slogan isn't hard, it is. But threadstaff have more important things to work on than to sift through a mountain of words and attempt to create designs from them. This makes more sense this way. Trim the fat. And if slogan collabs fail horribly (i doubt it), they'll just have to motivate us more by bumping the prize money. It's a win/win.

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

I'm sure a lot of Sloganeers are either unsuccessful, or uncomfortable with contacting artist to do their art for them, and I'm also sure many artists would rather not be inundated with slogan requests.

I feel it would benefit all if Threadless made a section just for slogans, where sloganeers could post up their favorite slogans (limit the number of per person slogans so there isn't a sea to sift through, maybe even separate them by categories), and next to these slogans is a button/link that any artist could click on if they are interested in collabing on that slogan. Clicking that button should bring up a text box that allows the artist to directly send the sloganeer a message expressing his or her interest, and contact info, without having to leave the site. Basically consolidating everything into one simple section.

Wylie Knowords

Thank you soloyo. I will submit to the photography challenge.

Question: April stats for Threadless: 1.18 million votes placed by 22,407 people. 6,310 designs submitted. I believe these stats are true. So, why when Threadless stops slogan submissions we get 42 comments? What the hell? Do that few people give a damn? I will never understand the grid or internet or web or whatever you want to call it. Crowdsourcing works. So, why just 42. Someone explain this to me.

Would someone please submit a way for writers and artists to connect at Threadless that works. Now it doesn't. I think most writers would love to work with artists. Do artists want to work with us? I don't know. I hope so. I'm so pissed I'm having a difficult time typing. Later.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

authormartiandriveindateon May 16, 2012timeat 13:14:4142 is the answer to everything in the universe.

You are WISE as no one else.

biotwist profile pic Alumni

will it be set up so that both partners accounts can be connected to one collab submission

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