Pillow Fight Round 2

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A play on the term Pillow Fight. This time we are right in the thick of the action.


Haha. I don't think they look that comfortable to sleep on.


I think it's a nice concept, but I've seen a couple of shirts with plays on the "Pillow Fight", so you might need to give it a different perspective to make it more unique.


I like this one a lot better than your first shirt. It just works better as a t-shirt concept. Straightforward without adding too much while still telling a good story.

Nicely done!


I agree. With the numerous color combos here it would be a simulated print process. My one critique is I feel the black tee is to much of a contrast to the design. Have you tried placement on other colors? Detail is great just tweak it for sub.

I apologize for the scoring appeal - it's a necessary evil. I would really appreciate your score on my design, thank you: American Throwdown

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