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Not sure if this is correct, but I think this design took a lot longer than I thought it would. I intend to have this digitally printed, but it can easily be screen printed, as it is actually one color with different tints of said color.


I've placed it on a T-shirt. Seems to work pretty well. I'm trying to be careful not to place the hand in a not-so-appropriate place.


I see what you mean about the hand. Could you switch it with the octopus tenticle? I like everything blue but what if you put color only in the glasses?


The monochromatic feel is great but I agree bringing color into some aspect would give it a focal point. Perhaps just one tentacle too. For me I get a jester hat feel from two. Crazy design - cool!

I apologize for the scoring appeal - it's a necessary evil. I would really appreciate your score on my design, thanks: American Throwdown


I agree with adding colors to the glasses i couldn’t see that there was a reflection on the lens. The arm is bit skinny I would make it a bit wider. Possibly make the arm the tallest object if it fits proportional.

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