Happy Little Tardises

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Joshua Smeaton

Thoughts? Anything specific would be great.


I like the idea, but i'd like to see where you would put that on a shirt :P


I agree with above, please place it on an item. tote bag??

Joshua Smeaton

Here's what it would look like on a shirt.


haha love the idea


Love Tom Baker :) Maybe he should have legs though.


Definitely legs. Also some shading would help to make it look less livetraced!


Haha! That's pretty sweet!


your linework is little bit jaggy. If i were you I would make it more flowing. Also try to make your colour palette narrower because colours don't match as they should. Also think about contour. Should it be black? Maybe something more friendly :)

Micro Riyas

Thanks for your comment Joshua Smeaton.

Your Art is Totally Awesome. Submit it


I think it needs a bit of shading. Otherwise, good idea!


I definitely would bring out more dimension with some shading. I like the concept and it just needs some little details! My favorite Doctor as well!!!

I apologize for the scoring appeal - it's a necessary evil. I would really appreciate your score on my design, thanks: American Throwdown


Legs, but other that I would submit it. I love Doctor Who.

I too apologize for trying to get attention but

Thinking in Watercolour

this is mine that has been rejected twice, the first was a somewhat legitimate complaint, the second was simply because 'it could use a little work' I don't get it.

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