Fairy Tale Propaganda

In a sort of sequel to my 3 Little Pigs: Mechanized Assault design, I've worked with another classic fairy tale, this time reinterpreting it through the style of vintage communist propaganda posters.

It's already gone up for scoring, and any votes and comments would be fantastic.


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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

nice one ian :)

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

the texture makes the bottom feel a bit cut off and flat on the tee, but great design and I gave it a 5

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

This could be the start of a great series. Dr. Seuss and Aesop are other good sources. That bougie grasshopper and the working class ant!

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys! It took a lot of experimentation to get a look I was happy with, but I really enjoyed working on this, and am eager to do more in this sort of faux painterly look.

reags profile pic Alumni

It's doing super well Ian!

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Awesome design!


I think it would be a lot stronger without Goldilocks.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Thanks again everyone! I hoped people would like it but had no idea it would be THIS popular - right now it's my highest scoring design on Threadless EVER!

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Now in its final hours! Thanks to everyone who has voted and commented, and made this my best scoring design ever!

soloyo profile pic Alumni


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