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Hi all!

Hey all-

Great to meet you- electronically, that is. My name is Kate Swanson and I will be working with Rachel this summer as the community team intern. I am from Naperville, Ill. but have spent the last three years in Bloomington at Indiana University. I will head back there in the fall to finish my final year, pursuing a degree in Arts Management with a concentration in Studio Fine Art/Art History and a minor in Marketing.

Here are a few things everyone should know about me.

[ :-) ] I am a huge music junkie and I love to talk about it. Although my favorite artists tend to be of the indie rock caliber, I appreciate just about every type of music in the entire world. Except for country music which shouldn't even be a genre- sign my petition! Some of my favorite artists include Company of Thieves, Phantogram, The Shins, Alabama Shakes etc. etc. etc.

[ :-) ] I'm in love with a Tall Blonde from Starbucks... See what I did there?

[ :-) ] I have a turtle named after the personality Dave/12 pack from the reality TV series 'Daisy of Love'. Now that I think about it, maybe you don't need to know that?

[ :-) ] In my past, I completed two internships- one as a publicity intern for Rock Paper Scissors world music publicity firm (in Bloomington, IN), and the other as a traveling publicist/consultant for GLOWFEST Music Festival. At Rock Paper Scissors, I worked directly with artists and artist managers to implement interesting online marketing and branding strategies. I had the opportunity to manage social media campaigns for some of the firms largest clients including Eileen Ivers, TriBeCaStan and globalFEST. At GLOWFEST Music Festival, I began as an intern but was later hired full-time by the company. Aside from the opportunity to interact with some way-cool artists (like Crystal Castles, deadmau5, Avicii and Savoy to name a few), I learned tons about festival/event planning, was able to enhance my management and professional skills.

I am so psyched to be here and I can't wait to meet everyone! Come say hi- I work Monday/Thursday 9-5 and Tuesday 9-12.

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Hi & welcome! :)


Salut! =)

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Hi ^^

mike bautista
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belated hello! cool stuff you did and are probably doing.

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Go Hoosiers!

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please keep rachel in check. she has a habit of wandering away during work to watch zach braff movies.

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Zach Braff of Chicken Little fame?


Cool. Hi.

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brach zaff

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I look forward to some Kate-Mail.

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best of luck, Kate!

Pez Banana

pretty fingernails :)

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A little late, but hi!

It is still all your fault.

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You have pretty nails. All I can do is red stars on black..

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hey hey!


It's all my fault.


I just came in here to tell you it is all your fault.

Thomas Orrow
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So what's the deal with internships anyway?


=D it's always easier to blame the intern!

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