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Capone's Moonshine

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3-color design featuring a cafe racer that could have been used during prohibition to outrun police. Artwork for the motorcycle design is loosely based on a 1920's Norton CS1.

anthony dobberfuhl

very nice. i like the text you decided to go with. its a good classic fell and fit for this design. now that being said i feel i cant see the seat or the handlebars of the motor cycle. great design other than those minor details!

if you could take a second to look at my critiques i would be grateful! I Heart Music I Heart Fancy Moustache


Thanks for the input! The handlebars and seat are there, it's just hard to see all details in such a low resolution picture.


i think you should check out font's of the 30's and 40's if you haven't already .. I do think your one's still a good choice

Joshua Smeaton

I like the idea & design a lot. I don't really care for the colors but that's just a personal aesthetic. Also I agree about the handle bars. After I looked closely I could see they are there. Part of that is just the type of bike it is with low handles. But they could be defined a bit to pop out more. You mentioned that it's hard to see because of the low resolution & that's true but remember most folks are not going to be paying a ton of attention to a shirt someone is wearing. It would be more a passing thought of that motorcycle doesn't have handle bars.

Good job though. I do like it & think it's almost ready.

If you've got time please give mine a look. Thanks. Happy Little Tardises

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