Dear Threadless, It Has Been Two Days Since My Last Confession...

I rarely start blogs anymore about how much I dislike current threaldess trends or the current crop of shirt designs (mostly b/c there's been waaaaay too much negativity in tons of posts recently- it's like this time of year has the reverse effect of the Holiday spirit online), but I'm just wondering how many others feel that the last few days of Threadless products (and most of the sale) have been quite disheartening in terms of the quality of the ideas in the printed designs and originality; plus when the hell did select tees become the thing i least look forward to now? None of the recent ones have even taken advantage of the unlimited amount of freedom you can use to create whatever insanity you want (unless that means suffering through another month of Faesthetic prints). All I'm trying to say is, I got a mound of ten dollar bills I'm just aching to spend on myself and gifts from this site in support of our beloved Threadless, and there has been nothing (with the exception of Mezo's print yesterday) that has been a beacon of light shining on originality or doesn't include inanimate objects expressing lame ideas. I can't really blame them though, they have no brain. But the people who vote on them do.

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I rarely start blogs anymore about how much I dislike current threaldess trends or the current crop of shirt designs

what's your definition of rarely, eh?


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ive got 34bucks in store credit and about 100 of my own that im waiting to spend on shirts for myself and for others. so far, the sale has been shitty. ive purchased nothing.


i heart you frickinawesome. you're, you're, well you're frickinawesome

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if they please you with one in ten tees they are doing a good job. theres 350000 people that visit this site.


yes, yes indeed mr frickinawesome, i agree...whole heartedly


I don't know, I've liked quite a few lately. It just depends... I think the quality of prints and the types of things they print go through cycles. Some people end up really liking them, while one group hates them... and vice versa. It's no big deal. You have the right to complain... but I'm sure things will swing back the other way eventually and you'll find yourself liking more tees again.


I maintain that deadless, at least, is awesome. And it is going to look awesome on me when it finally arrives.

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Emmy, perhaps you have some mystical, magical essence that will make Deadless look awesome when you wear where about three dozen Threadless mambers have tried and failed, kinda like one of those Go-Gurt commercials a few years back where kids skateboarded past you with (what the advertisers claimed) the fucking coolest invention since the Insta-breadslice-Omatic, and in a whirlwind of glitter and unicorns, kids playing with clumps of dirt for "fun" now had the power of yogurt in a Polio Stirng Cheese Packet. Hail our new lord and savior! Where was i? Oh yeah- stay outta my booze!

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ladykat- Point taken. lol. I've curbed my ways of attack down from red-faced rage to the smooth aftertaste of burnt cedar, though. It's an improvement, dangit.


well, this shirt is also a reprint. so that means people have voted on it to be reprinted. (I was one of them.)

I'm sorry it's not to your tastes or likes in what you want for a shirt, but this site is here to please 35,000 people (as banana said)...

but yeah, the new shirts they've been printing. totally nothing i want...

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I understand about the 35,000 (even though banana said 350,000- lol) different individuals who browse this site in search of seomthign that will fit their personalities, but I'm just voicing my concerns that when i joined this site (less than a year ago) the amount of amazing designs/clever visual pun shirts vs. cutesy-poo smiley face nonsense was at 50/50, but since the site's extreme makeover and recent sales event/becoming more and more of a household name, I feel Threadless has swayed toward the boat 20/80 in favor of selling kids sizes and I guess to the more general, less picky frat persona. I just hope the ship rights itself before it is consumed by the people it started its site to offer a vision of wearables that traced the fine line of artsy pretention and goofy good nature. Glad to see some people feeling the same way, tho.

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FRICKINAWESOME on Nov 27 '06 at 4:25am
ladykat- Point taken. lol. I've curbed my ways of attack down from red-faced rage to the smooth aftertaste of burnt cedar, though. It's an improvement, dangit.

haha, fair enough.

oh, and i found this pic of someone wearing deadless, it looks pretty good on her:

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Not too shabby, Ladykat. Her stance and general moxieness are doing what they can to combat the travesty residing on her lower front. It sucks, because ive been dying for an orange shirt, but Glennz's "Cowboys & indians" sold out too quick, and "Highway Robbery" and "Deadless" aren't even remotely my cup of tea! I would be interested in seeing what kind of craziness you would come up with for a product pic of this tee. For your troubles, I would give you a dollar and whatever other change i can find in my shoes.


I'm not a fan of Deadless, either. I really liked Fruits of the Negativitree (which I ended up buying), however. And after seeing what was in that issue of Fathestic magazine, I can see why they chose the types of designs that they did and ones that weren't actually in the 'zine. Not much of it would have been "appropriate" for a shirt. =P

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if you bought deadless for me then i would be more than happy to go out of my way to take awesome product pics!

i think it's an interesting design, but i don't see myself wearing it enough to buy it. i love the color, though.


i love the pointless banter on these blogs...its quite amusing


Yeah, I totally agree that things have gone downhill in the clever dept. I think this reprint is a good example too... not exactly the most compelling older threadless design, yet the current threadless clientele wanted it back.


I got the fox faesthetic, but i'm not sure why. it's mysteriously compelling. I know i'm going to look silly in it, but...FOXES?

I agree, there is a pretty big gap between the select and regular submissions. there isn't really a balance anymore between the "art" of the design and the "nifty" factor.

makes me tear 'cause I draw between the two styles. I darw poorly, but still


FRICKINAWESOME, quit being so ignorant. i found this blog because of some asshole comment you left on someone else's design and here you're all like: "there's been waaaaay too much negativity." how about instead of dishing on other people's designs, you put in some work to submit your own shit other than slogans. take the risk of putting your stuff out there and subjecting your work to the completely not-constructive, vapid, empty, and just mean criticism that people like you think is relevant for some reason*. maybe then you would lose the bullshit self-important attitude. there's no reason for people to leave mean comments on other people's design unless it's offended them in some way, otherwise, a '0' speaks at just the right volume.
ps. some people have a capacity to see the creative aspects to stuff like "Deadless" even though there aren't any birds on it. I don't even think it's that great from a design perspective but at least it isn't more shit with hearts, ninjas, and pirates for wannabe-goth kids, near 30 somethings that still wish they were in high school, and 17 year old victims of "emo."
*not that my opinion matters any more than yours or anyone's, but I figure, as long as we're all satisfying the 10th grade extrovert in ourselves, I will too.
your blog entry offended me, I would have given it a '0' if i could have but since I didn't have that choice...

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lol. I'm honored that my blog offended someone with so much random anger and lacking a funny bone such as yourself. i'm also honored to have you absolutly lose your mind on my blog tho. Anything else you wanna add that has absoltuly NOTHING to do with my comments (which were stated quite cleary, unlike your ridiculously off-topic rant?). Oh spaceman, go write an extremely "thought-provoking" dissertation about how great the penis-rooster rock star shirt reprint is mind-blowing and how funny mustache hair-style tees are worthy of museum status? Oh the only thing i will respond to that has something to do with anything youve accused me of- my comments on people's designs are only construed by you who have zero on the humor scale as being mean-spirited and cruel. Seriosuly, lighten the fuck up. I offer constructive comments just as much as i dish out a saucy little swipe at some lazy design or something that doesnt appeal to me. And my slogans I feel are a decent addition to this site; i can't draw but i know good design and commentary when i see it. And since you are one of those lil' weakling non-social trolls on this site that dont let anyone view their work or anything about their lives and wont participate except to leave meaningless comments on my very opinionated but observation-inspired blog doesnt leave you much space to comment on anything here. What a toss. lol.


you guys are both dumb. FRINKINAWESOME might as well be a bag of hammers but spaceman is just as dense for spending the time to worry about it. jeez.


deathless is one of my most favorite threadless shirts ever (looks way cooler in person). i've gotten nothing but compliments the times that i have worn it

but hey, people are gonna like different things. personally i think threadless has a lot of variety and i like that. where else could you get both something like deathless and lil' soap?

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Guys, this is only a freaking blog! Calm down dammit! AAHHH!

Now, I'm calm.



i'm with slinky and walkneverending.

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i'd appreciate if people didn't turn a perfectly awesome opinionated blog that was voiced out of pure love towards Threadless and its lovely creative people who are getting the short end of the stick print-wise b/c cutesiness was reigning supreme when this blog was originally posted, into a nonsense hate-fest b/c you don't understand why i am writing what i do to people and their designs. Please go bitch about it on another blog, because, if you'll scroll upwards, you'll see at the time i started this blog nearly everyone agreed with my points.

I am allowed NOT to like Deadless just as you are allowed to love it, and i've stated a bunch of times in a thoughtful manner why i dont like it. And it doesn't mean i don't like creative, different things; in fact, i thrive on those new ideas. If you know anything about me or looked at my blogs or the numerous times i have left helpful criticism for a shirt and the artist has either thanked me on that shirt's site or e-mailed me personally, you'd kindly shut the fuck up. If i see a design that exhibits pure laziness or just ins't my thing, I will respond accordingly, and those designers should be secure enough in what they are doing to deal with it, just like when i think i have a really good slogan and it scores a 5%, I deal with it. And i also agree with walkneverending's second paragraph. I'd just appreciate people who have no idea what they are fucking talking about to stop posting here, unless they wish to leave a thoughtful comment rebutting my stance of a week or so ago, or have something else constuctive to say. Even my jabs at the designers is meant to be constructive. I'll step off my soapbox now.


yeah, i think we can all agree on chilling out.

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