Just got it--but the shirt is too dark!

  • by randomx
  • posted Nov 26, 2006

Anybody else received theirs yet? My shirt (guys) is so dark that you can't make out the great background design against the fabric--if I didn't know it was there, I wouldn't even notice it at all! I wonder if the t-shirt will fade faster than the design. So disappointed...I was really excited for this one.

Watch this

that sucks- i'm still waiting on mine.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

It's designed to be really low-contrast.


low-contrast is not no-contrast. it's much harder to make out than in the pics.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

yeah i just got mine today... the womens shirts look perfect... but the guys shirts are too dark for the print color, sigh


very disappointed, definitely can't see the pattern. I thought threadless would have some kind of quality control.


It's supposed to be Dakota Slate but I just got mine today and it seems to be Purple...hmmmm.


yeah i was waiting for a more clear blue as well. But its some dark purple one. Its still nice but the low contrst backprint is too low contrast now.


i like mine. i like it subtle. :P


I just recieved mine today and I think it's beautiful:). Maybe the girly shirt is a little lighter.

Percival the kitten eater

My Mom just gave me mine out of the wash, and I can't even see the background design at all! I think it washed off! D:


Hear, hear. Great background design that is nearly invisible after the first wash. What a shame.

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