why is threadless printing so many crappy designs.....i havent seen a shirt i wanna buy in like 2 months.......and i see so many good designs in the submissions

Watch this

Isn't it easier to state your dislike by not buying it?


this shirt at least, has style.


this is the best shirt so far of the sale...i just got it


I think it might be cos they're getting better and you have bad taste?
this shirt is awesome!

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so any shirt you don't want to buy qualifies it as crappy?


man, them sleeves look massive on that guy, he needs to work out

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You hurt my feelings, davemcnasty.

You's a nasty motha...


If Threadless only catered to a specific group of consumers with the same taste in designs, where would they get their revenue from?

It just doesn't make good business sense.


Hey, not all shirts can be as great as You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do.


actually i like this design. and i don't care what anyone else thinks. :P


(I was being sarcastic)


actually, sometimes i care.

and hey, if you don't like it, think of the $$$ you're saving!


i want to be as intelligent as this guy when i grow up. what a dick.


I agree, Start Voteing for the better shirts people...


i admit it is very hard to make a collague - if thats even spelled right

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this shirt is one of my favorites in a while!!! its wonderful. threadless isn't printing crappy designs, they are printed wonderful designs but you wont love them all... as their are many different styles.


Okay I kinda agree with you that for a while threadless hasn't been printing anything good but I actually like this design and I think its pretty cool!

Joe Harding

2 colors means cheap printing. This is a guess from me since now they are having 10 dollars sales....look at the last kiss winning tee which also only consists of 2/3 colors only.


maybe you just have crappy taste. :) no, but i feel the same. this is the only one i would buy from the ones that have been printed in the last weeks.


I agree to an extent, there are a lot of tees that i would buy from artists that havent been chosen yet... o the other hand this isnt makei's best design but there other work is awesome...

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this and kubuki rider are the best tees of the sale so far. I do agree that you probably have shit taste if youre choosing THIS tshirt to vent your frustrations under.


i love this shirt first one I bought since like march

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@Joe Harding: Well it's not their fault the Submarines chose this even with two colors only.

Less is more


here we go again....waaa, waaa, waaa!


funny that you should choose this shirt to post about all the shirts being crappy. this is the first shirt i've considered purchasing in the sale, and probably several months before.


Art is subjective. And underrated. And overrated.


i haven't seen anything i like since they expanded.

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