• by fOi
  • posted Nov 20, 2006

Someone bought a shirt through my link. Big thank you stranger. I'm sending you warm and happy thoughts!

Watch this

you totally stole my design!
i submitted this but since i don't know how to use a computer as good,i got cheated,now i will not be able to go to college!
my design was exactly the same and had the same name!
my t shirt would of won!


Above was the haiku of the discontent.

fearless leader

hmm. i think slowmo15 is very jealous and sad he no think of design first.
awesome design!!!


actually i did think of the design first..
i was ripped off..i turned it in and everything and it was sent back because i did not know how to use the things it asks for on the computer..
it makes me extremely sad too know i could of won..
and im not jealous...


is that why your screenname is slowmo?


you two may have had the same idea, but how could you accuse someone of ripping you off if your design never made it to the internetz??


I love this design! I am saving up my money so I can get it! Thanks for sharing it!


yay!! its reprinted!


Dear Fiona,
Thank you so very much for your design.Havingf this tee has made my life a lot happier!!

fOi profile pic Alumni

Hey Slowm15:

Sorry you think I stole your design but this was created in April 2005! Was your design created before then? If so we are soul mates design wise and that should be a good thing!

If it's any consilation someone also stole this EXACT design and tried to sell it on David and Goliath. I thought it was quite flattering.

If you want to discuss further please email me at I'm a lot of things but never a biter.

Thanks everyone else for your trust!



Am I hallucinating, or does the design on some shirts appear to be bigger than others? Two different versions?


i would really like to buy this shirt, but they've been out of larges forever and i've been waiting for the reprint, but not sure if its going to come. is there anywhere else i can buy a men's large of this shirt?


ebay? or go overseas and try find some threadless rip offs lol. or ask around here


I need this shirt!

Anatidae caeruleus

This is wonderful! Reminds me of the Demitri Martin routine:

Pillow Fights

Man Vs Woman=Fun
Man Vs Man=Gay
Woman Vs Woman= Awesome
Man Vs Pillow= Crazy
Pillow Vs Pillow=Crazy Awesome


I just ran across this design.. I think that it is pefect! I love it. Great work!


just bought this tee.. nice design, fiona! alto i think the print at d back won't last long :D


Please reprint this t-shirt! I would KILL for this t-shirt. :) And in fact would order 3-4 of them. Thanks, you guys! Love your company!


I love this design, but I think the awesomeness of the hoodie would be increased if it were done on the back of a zip hoodie with the little "pillow fight" guy done on the front...Just saying, it would be super awesome, I always need a new zip hoodie


Hellooo! I love it! I just ordered this design on a hoodie and because I live in CAN it wont arrive for a week or so... :P but I was curious about whether the hoodie has the little pillow guy on the back like the T-shirt? Thanx y'all!


Does anyone know when the hoodies will be reprinted? been searching for the AA reprint in a Medium but it hasn't restocked. :[


I have to say, this is my favorite design on, like, all of threadless :D And I'm psyched because I finally just got to order it!

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