Threadless spotting(s) at Death Cab

Went to a Death Cab for Cutie concert last night. It was amazing. Before the show, looking around, I spotted:
"Flowers in the Attic"
"Fuzzy Wuzzy Wants to be Fuzzy"
"Cookie Loves Milk"

... and then of course, I was wearing "Water, Just Water" and my fiance was wearing "Communist Party". So, was that anyone here? If so... I SAW YOU!! .... amazing isnt it?

Watch this

I saw them over the summer and saw many threadless shirts!


I want to find the Death Cab an Threadless connection. what makes a death cab fan inclined to buy threadless shirts.


I have no idea... but I will tell you this, the crowd was night and freakin day compared to the Panic! crowd two Wednesdays ago...


I love the Death Cab crowd. Mellow college kids. I am sure Panic was high school children.


It sure was, that and a bunch of drunken sluts. The ground was COVERED in beer bottles afterwards. After the Death Cab concert, its was pretty clean and everyone was so mellow and cool, I think it shocked the security actually.


ungh. Panic is playing at our Grad Bash this year. (where our graduating class goes to Universal Studios and runs wild for a night)


Really? Universal here in FL? (shit, is there even another one? I swear Im not really stupid) That will be madness. They are pretty risque actually. I took some video. Anyway, when I was in high school, our school was banned from going to the Disney grad night cause one year some students beat the hell out of Goofy... bastards.


Aye, same kind of crowd at the Death Cab show I went to back in the summer.

I think kayce went also.


deathcab usually has a good crowd. over the past few years it gets a little younger.


However, the main point is they were awesome, simply outstanding.


There is a Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA

Anything involving Ben Gibbard is worth going to see.


Well if anyone hasnt seen them, get on it.... it is so well worth the concert. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists opened, played two songs, broke a guitar string and I think had a spaz attack cause he just started banging his guitar on stage and left. Too bad cause they were pretty good. OK-GO opens for them starting next week I think... kick ass.


I love ted leo. They were awesome at the NewYork show I went to.


Me and a friend are gonna see them with Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins hopefully.


When I saw Ted Leo in LA he did a cover of kelly clarkson's "since you've been gone" mixed with "maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was rad. I would like a recording of that.


Yeah, the Universal in Florida. It's either going to be really fun or totally sucky. har.

On an unrelated note -- new Brand New cd tomorrow .. anyone besides me excited?


not excited at all for that cd and everyone is going to make a big deal around where I am from because they're from here.

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when I went to San Fran this past summer, I saw a guy with the Animal Alphabet one. And I stopped him to be like "WHOA!", and but he thought I was weird. So I just like "threadless?" and he was like yeah. And we kept going our seperate ways.

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