Puff Ink?

i hope it looks good.
cause i dont like that stuff sometimes.
i hope it isnt to raised.
it comes tomorrow in the mail.
i cant wait :]

Watch this

Meanwhile I'm thinking I'll have to re-buy this shirt since mine didn't have that, and it looks like the monster is much more noticeable in it... come back and share what it's like. :)


yea, I have to re-buy for the de-luxe edition

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it is a little puffy, and it looks good... more contrast

probably not worth re-buying for, though!

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It's pretty cool. I was iffy about doing it this way at first but after seeing it I like it. It is not super puffy just enough to help separate what is above and what is below the surface of the water.

Let me know what ya'll think.

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ha! i already did! ^^



puffyink + aqua = re-buy for me :-)


i'd really like it in teal for guys.
anddd i'm not a big fan of the puffy ink;
it caught me by surprise after i ordered it.
it kind of makes me think of a bedtime childs shirt.
the original design, however, remains kickass.


thanks :]
it should be another hour or so before the ups truck comes wround my block.
arrggg, i cant wait anymore!


i like it i got it with the select Lonely Snowmen... though the snow when you feel it ... since they are just dots... they feel like nipples.. but i don't mind that at all



hehe, i just got mine!
and i might add, that the ups man who dropped them of was quite good looking :]
buut, its cool, i like the contrast with the raised ink. the shirts are freezing! and i got a post card!

4 Afternoon Delight!

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