Some Designs

I thought...
seeing as my designs so far have failed miserably, I thought I would blog about the next one before putting it up for people to vote on... actually I'll put a few up and u can yell at me which ones u think are the least shit...

Watch this
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Im not one to talk, but I'd suggest playing with the sketchy idea a bit more. What I mean to say is they would look better as sketches, the perfect shapes and thick outlines on the figures make them look like images you'd find in a mass mailing chain.

Since they're trying for a goofy message, I think the art should reflect it somehow. The first image does well to have a goofy looking guy with his comment, but the outlines reign in his goofiness.

I don't know if I'm makig any sense.

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ahh, you added another one.

I really liked the repitition without using a copy and pasted figure, but really, the text ruied it. I was enjoying it as something different and the text seems to try to focus it and there's no need. And the 2 earlier ideas seem to rely on the text, and that's one of the many catc phrases of threadless voters... "lose the text"

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now you took out the third one?

you're just trying to make me look crazy!


damn..... that guys crazy ^^^


maybe this is more to your liking?

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that probably won't make it past the preliminary judges, no offense; and they're not very discriminating.

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