Hello all,

I have decided to take matters into my own hands and print AT AT BOO BOO on my own. For those who don't know the design you can see it here:

Before I go ahead and start the presses I thought I'd check and see if people are still into it. So leave a comment or drop me a line at and let me know. You could even tell me your size so I will have an idea what to order.

Ok, thanks again for all votes and comments.

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bortwein profile pic Alumni

Did you write the guys at Threadless to ask for permission to do so yet? They need to release the rights back to you before you print it.


Yes I did write Threadless and they wrote back to do with it as I please. Thanks for mentioning that though. I also wanted to say, if people just wanna write a comment theres no reason to email me. Unless they really wanna.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

That's cool, good luck with the print run. Don't forget to post pictures of it printed, I'd love to see them.


i emailed you but here is me leaving a blog comment... yes, would like 2-3 shirts. been waiting for this day.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

I'll buy one. Guys L, Girls XL. Rock and roll!

theperk profile pic Alumni

did you decide what kind of shirts you are going to print on dave?

theperk profile pic Alumni

awesome, and the price?


Price. Good question. It will depend on how many I print, but I think I can safely say I will charge the same or slightly less than Threadless.


I'd take one...Men's Large


I have spoke with the printer I am using and the shirts will oficially be one dollar less than Threadless shirts.

That is basically $14 for men and $16 for ladies.
There will likely be less sizes available though.


Beware of George Lucas...he holds a very heavy hammer. Also, a friend of mine told me about this site called and I am working on some stuff to send to them...just thought I would give everybody the heads up.


Cool! I want one!

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

I still think the red and blue is horrificly ugly.


I like the colors. They're surreal. Are you printing on black?


ooooh i loved this so much!! yesyes girly small and boy medium, thankee kindly :)


I will buy one, too.
What are you charging? What kind of shirts are you using?


Are you a Warren Ellis fan? (punylittlehuman?)


yes red sugar it will be on black.

I will probably place an order next week. Then Its 7 to 10 days till i get em. I am going to order a small amt. and hopefully they will run out and i will order more. Thanks everyone for giving a shout.


dave, you get my email from a 'dorkcronin' with my order?


he said American Apparel, one dollar less than threadless. :o :)


I did get the email from Dorkcronin' yes.

I will print enough shirts to cover all who have made specific requests plus some extras in hope that they catch on. I will put an actual order form somewhere next week and take the actual orders. Payment will be through PayPal.

I guess this "thread" is where to keep informed on where the whole deal is at. THANKS

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

PayPal is the devil.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

No one can stop Mr. Domino.


I'd be interested. One girly large tee, please..


Just out of curiosity ... what color tee are you gonna use? I'm not a huge fan of black, which is what your submission showed ... dark grey (al a "We are Made of Carbon") is good, though.


I like dark grey as well. American Apparel calls it Asphalt. It is like the color of a really worn in black tee. Unless threre are alot of objections I will go with Asphalt.


I definitely prefer 'asphalt' over black. Any chance you could whip up an image with your design on that color?

Also, what's the big deal with American Apparel tees? People on here really seem to like them a lot


i have a bunch and they are really comfy. Brand new they Feel like they've already been washed a dozen times. They are also manufactured entirely in the US. Finally, they are cut just a wee bit more stylish then say a Beefy Tee. They also cost a bit more but you get what you pay for.

man835 profile pic Alumni

sorry to see that threadless wont be printing this one. I suppose it must have been for legal reasons. Glad to see you are doing it on your own. good luck!


I'm not sure if you got my e-mail. poopiemcpooperson. But I am dying to get this shirt. Mens XL. Let me know if that is possible. Thanks


I'd deffinatly buy one. that'd be awesome.


I'm not fond of the colours but it does crack me up. My dog has had to wear a collar so many times...haha. It's awesmoe.


I'll take one!
Wow...a 3.71 with a fan club and threadless didn't print it? that's weird.


(though I should add the caveat that I haven't asked permission to buy it yet, so I might not be able to buy it :( )


I'd buy one. Girly xl

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

are you still doing this .. cause I would love one .. granted this is late in teh game ... really late but ... I REALLY like that shirt


Are you still printing this??? I really want one, baaaaddd.

d3d profile pic Alumni

mail one to mark hamill and ask him to return a photo of him in it


i like this one...any idea why they didn't print it with such a high ave. score??



your last name really isn't horowitz is it??

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

"bortwein, at 10:50am on Sep 8, 2005

Did you write the guys at Threadless to ask for permission to do so yet? They need to release the rights back to you before you print it. "


Threadless don't own the rights to it until they give consideration for it, the form in this case is money. You don't sign over your intellectual copyright just by submitting something.

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