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first try. got denied...what can i change?


first try. got denied...what can i change?

I don't know--what do you want to convey?

If your concept is the kaleidoscope thing, move further in that direction and away from the crown and pink blobby bit. If you like the cat/crown, maybe get rid of the kaleidoscope. If you just like these colors together, be more abstract and less cliparty.

This just seems like a bunch of stuff mashed together with no clear concept or goal. That works sometimes, but you'll probably need stronger images, less muddy colors, more variety in shapes/layers.


If you lose the crown keep all four kiten faces you will have a more convincing kaleidescope image. Be sure to centre it to the neckline, and maybe try making the overall print a fraction smaller.


thanks for the tips, i'm really new to this so this is my first design! thanks for being nice too!

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