Bikers, tell us why you ride for a chance at a $50 gift code.

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Apr 03, 2012

We’re celebrating two-wheeled riders with our new Threadless Bikes Collection! We’ve got a whole bunch of bikers here at Threadless and we want to know which of you love biking as much as we do.

Post a photo to Pinterest of you and your bike and tell us a little bit about your bike story. What’s your bike’s name? How did you two meet? What adventures have you gone on together? What’s your favorite thing about ridin’?

Tag us in your photo (@threadless) and use the hashtag #mybikestory. One lucky pinner will get a $50 gift code! You have until Friday, April 6 to post.

Check out some of the Threadstaff and our bi-wheeled BFFs:

Betsy Mikel aka betsym & Blue Lightening
Kind of Bike: Vintage Schwinn
Where Ya Got it: At a non-profit bike cooperative in Chicago called Working Bikes. They repair old bikes and ship them to underserved communities of Chicago, Africa and Central, and South America. They also sell repaired bikes to people like me to fund their programming! For many of the communities the organization serves, a bike can be the difference between work and unemployment.
Favorite Threadless Bike Tee: Missing!!! is a favorite, but the one I'm wearing, Fix Yourself a Fixie is a goodie too.

Colleen Wilson aka kahlean and Astrid
Kind of Bike: Crescent Världsmästarcykeln (I think), a Swedish bike from the early 80s
Where Ya Got it: A teenager built Astrid with spare parts that were lying around Fridhems Cykelaffär in Malmö, Sweden. I picked out the frame from the basement of the shop, where there were stacks of hundreds of discarded bike frames. I saw this particular one, which was in such good shape for being the age it was, and said "build me a bike based around this!" I think she turned out pretty great.
Favorite Threadless Bike Tee: Missing!!! of course. I'm wearing it in the picture but I managed to obscure the best part of it, dang it! If you want at least 30 seconds of fun, check out the story contest Charlie and I made in homage to the tee: Link

Dustin Currier aka babyknucks & his blue Trek
Where Ya Got it: Cycle Garden, from a bloke named James
Favorite feature(s) of your bike: wine cork handlebar plugs
How long you've had it: one week
Favorite Place to Ride: Damen Ave, bridge between Fullerton and Diversey
Favorite Threadless Bike)Tee: Missing!!!

Jen LeMasters aka uncannyxjen & her Frankenstein bike
Where Ya Got it: my friend's neighbor in Columbus. He said, "I think this bike is too big for you" I said, "It's yellow, I'll take it!"
Favorite feature(s) of your bike: Yellow!
Favorite Threadless Bike Tee: Bike Chaos

Kim Bowers aka KimBowers & Clifford
Bike: Trek 7.2 fx
Where Ya Got it: Wedding gift; best gift ever!
Favorite feature(s) of your bike: The hamburger bell; also a gift!
Favorite Threadless Bike Tee: The one I'm wearing, Green Means Go!

Watch this

Am gonna make a bike like Jen and Dustins!! Love this bikers collection!!!

Mya Jamila

Oh man, such cute step through bikes!


Blue Lightning! Blue Lightning! Is the best!


And, am gonna make another bike for my wife like betsym's!!!

Blue Lightning! Blue Lightning!


I love bikes because it is a great way to stay in shape, with a bike you can change things about it whenever you want and it wouldn't cost as much as a car. A bike is portable and you can take it anywhere like on a plane or train. There are just so many different things that make a bike wonderful


love bikes because bikes love environment

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni

Do you guys listen to stuff while you ride? I ask because I always listen to podcasts and I'm always looking for new good riding podcasts. stuff with interesting stories. (ie, this american life, fresh air, radiolab) Got suggestions? Also, if it is illegal to listen to things and ride your bike, I definitely don't do that and this has all been a joke.


Oh! Too bad I missed this :(

I'm a biker, my dad is a biker, my mom is a biker, it's a biker family!

And I love the Bikes Collection. I have the Missing tee and a Infinity MPG hoodie, and will get more as soon as I can :)

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