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Read Between the Shapes

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This is an idea that I really liked and inspires me.


I'm wondering, should I change the letter color or should I change the letter size?

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if the slogan is going to be read between the lines, i think it would work better if you used a lot of different shapes close together so the negative space creates the letters


Awesome idea colors and coverage area! Not sure I like the typeface.


This is a great start, could you make the main title(the red one) bigger and the white bring down its contrast, so the main title pops out,

Kip it up


As parallelish said, I would go with a negative space creating the letters :)


Thanks guys! I'll try a combination of all your suggestions.


The word between is too hard to read also I would change the phrase to read between the lines instead

Please vote if you have a chance: !Here and here!

Also if you could critique my design I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

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