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Hi everyone,rnam new on threadless,here is one of my design,I'd like to have your feedback on it and your critiques are warmed welcomed.rn


Yeah you're right for the drips,I'll correct that :) Thanks and good luck for your design


WOW i wish i could make stuff that good lol, but ya the one drip on the right is the only thing thats not incredible


I like the concept! For me it could be a little bit less confusing.


Love the placement. I would suggest to ad details to the guitar too and i agree with the drip part. I love shades of grey. But i honestly feel this will look better with colors.

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Great job and design!!! I love the look. I would try to make it look vintaged out. roughed up. If you understand what Im saying. also have the drips coming right off the guitar like melting off would be cool. I love the design and good luck with it! check mine out if you can! moment Int Time!


Re-worked the drips and added details to the guitar. Please critique this new version.


I like the way you fixed the drips I would still like to see a distressed texture on the guitar


@ bscott01,you mean a grungy-look clipping mask to be applied on the guitar?


It´s OK, but try to give your own style!!!


personally I think it should be just a tad bigger on the shirt, also not too sure bout the placement, you could play around with some ideas and see what people think :) For the templates I'm not sure what you're talking about... Like, just the people wearing the shirts??


Thanks for your critique yeah,just the people wearing the shirts with no design


I like it, but I would try to see what it would look like if you just tilt it just a little bit to the right maybe even add a little more blue


Looks pretty cool, I dont live V neck though, maybe you should try another colour instead of light blue for that lines

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Great design! I agree that it might look better if the guitar were tilted a little more. I love your color pallet, so I wouldn't deviate from that. Looking forward to the next version!

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sorry I forgot to check back. I mean a grunge filter to make the design look rough or worn out if that makes any more sense. Great work though

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