France to Chicago!

One week to the day, my girlfriend Cecile and me are back in France from our trip to Chicago.
And this was awesome!
This city is beautifull.
For me, it was an opportunity to see the first time an NBA game: Bulls VS Knicks. A dream since I was 10 when I was a fan of Jordan. The atmosphere was great and the spectacle was magnificent. The Bulls were victorious!
Of course, we made a detour to threadless, and it was super cool! We met many nice people. We thank Craig, Betsy (who speaks French perfectly), Jack, Sean, Jess, Alex, Joe, Ross, Glenn, Mary and all those we met.
This travel was a surprise gift for my birthday from Cecile, my family and friends. Thanks to all of them!

Here are some pictures from this trip:

4300 miles! 7000km!

Hancock Tower

Wacker Drive

Wacker Drive

Marina City

Marina City

the Bean

El Train

El Train

Willis Tower

Willis Tower : the view

Go Bulls

Hancock Tower: the view

Hancock Tower: the view

Make Great Together

Watch this

Excellent pics -- visiting Threadless is always a treat. Everyone is so awesome.

I'm glad you were able to see the Bulls -- I haven't seen them since Jordan played, I really need to fix that.

SKYLINR profile pic Alumni

Yeah, D. Rose is an excellent player, nice to see him play! and it's cool to see the french guy... Joakim Noah :p

staffell profile pic Alumni

What camera are you using? Amazing shots.

cshimala profile pic Alumni

Great meeting you! Glad you had a fantastic time in Chicago.

jet approves

awesome photos! sounds like a great trip. :)


sweet photos, the night time ones of the city are fantastic!


Thanks for coming! I love when French people stop by. :-) If I have the opportunity to come to Bordeaux, I will let you and Cecile know!

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