• by jinage
  • posted Sep 05, 2005

a seller on ebay has this in a few women's sizes. i bought it and it is finally going to be mine hahahahahahaha.

it sold out twice while i was in europe (on different trips!). i win.

Watch this

Oh man! I thought they had reprinted it, you tease!


I had the same thought. poo


put a stain that looks like the virgin mary on it , and you could sell it back to ebay.


grr if only it was a little cheaper...I bought mine right before they sold out but the printing's a little weird, so I'm going to return it


sorry for the teaser. but i'm thrilled and while i was planning to use my streetteam points, i'd rather have the instant gratification. good luck to everyone still looking for one!

The exorcisim of Brendan Gavin

ill sell someone my pillow fight tee, its still new and i havent worn it yet cept for my gallery pic, its a mens large.

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