Why are vampires so COOL? Here's a few hints:

-Vampire legends date as far back as ancient Egypt and Sumeria

-Invisibility (I mean, is there anything cooler than that)

-They taught us how to count when we were kids 

-They get all the chicks, and if you are a vampirella, get all the dudes

-They are the real batmen

If you consider yourself a COOL Threadlesser, then  VOTE VAMPIRE!

 Our glorious Vampire tee

In this blood filled Vampire campaign blog we shall:

1 spread the love of vampires by making the VOTE VAMPIRES tee sell more than any of the tees!

Snag your own VOTE VAMPIRE then tweet, facebook and instagram about our tee!  Here's the link to the blog where the tee sales will be tracked.  Use #votevampire

2 share videos and photos of the greatest vampires of all time!

ONLY Vampires can make such great posters like this one

3 submit a vampire-centric design for a 3" patch design challenge held right in this blog!

Create a design that celebrates vampires for a 3" patch. (4 color maximum)  Threadless will select their favorite patch design from each campaign (vampires, robots, ninjas, pandas and zombies) and each of the chosen patch designers will get a $25 Threadless gift code. However, the only design that will actually be produced will be the campaign that has the most overall sales of their tee. (If the most vampire tees get sold, Threadless will produce the chosen vampire patch! Every campaign participant will get the produced patch, no matter which campaign they were a part of.

So, start submitting designs and promote the heck out of our vampire tee!

Are you cool enough? Are you ready to suck the blood of all the other participants? Well, put your name in here and you shall be added to this amazing list.

Bloodily yours,

Count Alvarejo

Vampire Members

-Rachel Ray Gun
-Ryder Revolutio

Watch this

"bloodily yours" omg glamoured already!


vampires all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course, I vote for vampires!!! But only the old school vampires!

Raulio profile pic Alumni

I'll join to the vampires!


I started to read Bram Stokers "Dracula" again! Such a great and spooky story. And it is interresting to see how close the Coppola film is to the real story!!! So much love, sex and crime! And so interresting with so many symbols and history!


Where is our master alvarejo? Is he still sleeping in his coffin??? New bloody members are waiting...

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