My mom's boyfriend singing!

Watch this
Bramish profile pic Alumni

There's a raccoon eating his face!

She Says So

i like it.

esp the music.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

okay that was pretty damn sweet. I think I'm gonna record the audio for myself.

I bet that mic is gonna make his neck snap off someday

spacesick profile pic Alumni

fuck! I actually love it. you tell your mom's boyfriend that that was awesome, and I'll tell my mom's boyfriend to stop having sex with my mom.

She Says So

I just looked at your online portfolio matthijs....your works is all beautiful and fantastic!

(matthijs) profile pic Alumni

@spacesick, I'll pass over the compliments and I'm sorry I can't do anything about your mom's boyfriend...

@She Says So, thanks a lot!


I really dig this. Does he write his own lyrics/music..or is this a cover?


that's pretty impressive considering that was off of a webcam, very cool...


I completely love it. The music, the singing. That is something I would definately buy...or at least download =)

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