Don`t Go into the Woods

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This design was declined for some reason. I hope you will help me to find out what`s wrong with it and make it awesome!


I really couldn't see way it was rejected! I would try and add a bit more depth to the image, maybe with a background or something!

Thanks for the feedback!


nice, maybe you could add sone shadows under the trees and little red cap.

if you want could you please help me?


Its already perfect to me! Nice idea, very nice final artwork! Are you sure it was decline not because the file? May be the file size, the resolution etc!

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I love this concept sooooo much, i think all you need to do with it is touched it up a little more like some of the outlining and what not


I like the concept, love the wolf, but Red seems a bit misshapen... i'm not sure i can put my finger on it but i think it might be her head... too big maybe?

Can't immediately see why this would be rejected unless either, there was a problem with the file (like wadoodee says) or it is too similar to something else they've already seen/printed.

Hope you can figure it out!

I have a design up for voting, if you'd be so kind as to take a look :)


I agree Red riding hood needs work. Smooth out her cape and she looks a bit short and ET like for some reason. Add a background - to give it some depth. It's a good concept, don't give up keep going :)


I agree with most of what's been said. I would think Little Red Riding Hood herself is the biggest hold-up. Other than that, some background for depth might be nice, but I think a different color shirt might help it feel less stark. I could see a soft green, grey, blue-grey, even though I could see that white give it the most "bite" with the high contrast and also might give you a snowy effect. Maybe have one or two of the trees bottom end a little higher up, so that they don't all end on the same horizontal line, so it'll feel less boxed maybe.
Overall though I really like the concept - it has a fresh feel, to a familiar concept.


Well, thank you all, guys! Ill take to notice all the things youve said!

sneaky fox

Omg I love this! That wolf is great! Red's face is a little sharp though. A softer face would signify more of a child. Great design!

If you get a chance, check out my design.

ilyya profile pic Alumni

I like it, very dark and very modern at the same time. Would it look weird if the trees had a bit of roots? Perhaps add some grass too.

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I really like this too, I agree with everything that's been said already, look into maybe adding some more details and fine tuning ms hood there. Maybe more trees and shadows could help, great idea.


i like the idea! i think as some suggested already, you should add a lot more details to red and also work on the tree wolf so it will look more like leaves forming into a wolf:)

The Dogcheese

Almost there I reckon, good one in the making!


I`ve added shadows and changed the hood in a way that she can be recognized in bw. Is it any better?


This is much better than the first but I think you need to have some red on little red riding hood. It seems like a must to me. Great concept though

sneaky fox

Perfect. I love what you did to Red. She looks soooooooooo much better, plus the design of the wolf is reflected in her new shape so it goes together so much better.

Before you submit - and yes, do submit - I think I'm noticing a spot of white left over on the upper, inner hind leg. Just where the branches are connecting to the body.


Lookin' good Red! It looks a whole lot better than what your first version did.


I like this a WHOLE lot. I agree about adding a spot of red. The thing that is bothering me the most is that the trees look like hooves. Which doesn't work well for the wolf or the trees. If you had them going into at least the top portion of roots that protrudes above ground (i think someone suggested something like that) I feel they'd look more like both paws and trees.

wawawiwa profile pic Alumni

ohh, I like this!

The redhooded gal looks better in version two. Perhaps give. I agree with one of the past comments... perhaps maybe making the wolf "legs" looks a bit stronger. What about one of them trying to reach the main character? I also like the roots idea :)

Keep it up!


Really cool idea, hope it gets accepted this time:)

I agree with the comments about the hooves & about adding a red spot. Also the little red riding hood somehow doesn't look very little and vulnerable to me. Usually on illustrations she has a red cloth (like the one on v1). Maybe you could use it but also keep the detail of the head and legs of v2 by making it shorter and putting the hood down?Or maybe simply scale the girl down a bit.

I would be very thankfull for a comment on my design.


I also agree about changing the legs of the wolf and fixing the white spot, other than that submit :)


This version is way better than the last one. I agree that the legs of the trees look a little to much like hooves. I don't think you need any red in the design. I think it looks good enough as is.

If you get a chance can you please critique mine: Blue-Collar Days


Big improvement from the first. I like the grey t-shirt better as a background colour as well as your changes to the design, it provides a bit more 'atmosphere'.

It looks a bit like 'Red' is wearing heels now, which changes the potential content of the design a bit, and in a way that doesn't necessarily appeal to me. That is more about my preference than the calibre of the image, however. It is a good strong design. I would agree about the hooves, and playing with the addition of a bit of red.

Please critique mine if you have a moment.

All the best!

laurastead profile pic Alumni

I would change the feet as mentioned above. I like the changes to the girl, but would like to see her red cloak come back.


In order to bring red color back I had to switch to white background, because it didn`t fit to gray. Actually, it looks equally good on a gray one being completely black. So, I have this dilemma: colored on white or black on gray?

p.s. Changed the feet, yup.


The feet seem much better, giving greater agility. I think it's worth trying the red cap in gray tee.


Actually, its exactly what doesnt look good - red cape on a gray back.


I would try adding more red. Instead of just the hat I would want to see a cloak that is read or something like that. Great work though keep it up


I agree with adding a little more red to the design. Out of these two, I prefer the white shirt. Very cool design!


I like the wolf/tree. Very clever.

To me, Red looks like she's wearing a frilly dress and a knit cap. That's fine if that's what you were going for, but I would not recognize her as Red Riding Hood from the silhouette.

I definitely prefer the design on gray and I would keep it minimalist: make red a solid red figure (maybe keep her shadow black). You could choose a darker and more muted red if you don't want it to pop-out too much (and reds generally look a lot brighter on computer monitors).

Good job and good luck :-)


well i love the new feet/roots. and i really do prefer the gray. a way to fix your color dilemma is to leave little red riding hood all black but give her a cape. then nothing has to be red, per you saying it didn't look good, and she'll be recognizable as little red riding hood. also, it doesn't have to be little red. if you leave her as it is, its just an innocent girl in the woods. i think the concept is still good with the scary sort of 'into the woods' theme.


it has class in the design

ilyya profile pic Alumni

It's very elegant. I love the pop of red. Have you tried putting this on a creme colored shirt?

I agree with the others on the red cape idea as well.


I like the one without the red on it better... not only does the black silhouette look better, but I like grey shirts better than white! Thanks for the comment btw!


Oh the feet look way better too btw! :)


I really really like this! I prefer the one where it's all a silhouette rather than the one with a red hat, as I feel it makes the design seem more like the creature is looming over and intimidating to the child, but that's just my own opinion, i think it's really good! Would love to see it printed!


Nice improvement on the feet. I think that I would go with the grey... the white is just a bit too cheery. I agree with a couple of other comments... if you want it to be more obviously Red Riding Hood, it might be worth playing around with the silhouette a bit. Otherwise it is a great design! Aesthetically pleasing, and easy to 'read'.

If you have a moment, I have tweaked my design a bit.

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