Free Hugs

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Francesco Palmia

This is my first design it's realy simple but I think it is good.


Did you do this with the new drawing tablet?! I think I like the idea very much, but... isn't it still a bit too rough? looking forward to seeing the next version!! :)

oh yes, and... by the way I really miss green (and don't really enjoy that violet in the middle)


i have to see what this looks like on a t shirt but for the design itself i like it l like the colors and the idea that you are trying to get across so submit it ON A T SHIRT TEMPLATE btw may you please take a look at my critique it would be very much appreciated

Francesco Palmia

No i haven't use the tablet, I wanted to learn to use a drawing program. So do you think that in the design green would be better rather purple?


Try a complete rainbow colors! Its a nice concept, but it still a rough design!

Could you check my Character Design

Francesco Palmia

The second version!! I know that the definition aren't very hight but I haven't learned yet how to improve it.

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