Enough with the self promoting comments please

So I've had my first design up here for almost the 7 days, and when I put it up I was pretty excited.

But I gotta say, I'm getting a little sick of all the self promoting comments. And then you go to the link they're promoting, and they've got heaps of positive comments, and none of them linking to other designs. Just seems a little backwards to me.

Do a lot of other people get the same thing? I'm just curious, because I've got a few other designs in mind, but if it's usually like this, then I don't know if I should spend the time.



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They bug the shit out of me too. When I started out on TL, you'd hardly ever see them, and people who did were reprimanded. You won't see them from people who have been here for a long time, it's usually eager n00bs who seem unable to read what's above the "post comment"-button.


Yeah I know. I honestly was very tempted at the start, cause I really wanted my design to be seen, but I realized quickly how bad it was, and feel good I never did.

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Sometimes I will tell people how rude it is, but with the huge amount of people doing it these days - it's such an overwhelming task, so I usually - and I'm not proud of this - maybe give the design a lower score than I first intended to give it.

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wow!, nice blog!

please vote my new design! link text


seems fair :)


haha nice one @dampa


Well, may as well put mine on here, as voting's almost ended:


Hey Agehawk, I saw your comment. I want to tell you that I am really sorry for my self promotion. As inkdummy has said, this is done by noobs (me, again sorry) that don't know how TL submition works. In my case (not an excuse, because as it has been noted, I should have read the small print), this is my first submission and as I guess many people are, I was exited and did what everybody else was doing. When I received a comment from another kind designer about it being rude I stoped, but the harm had been done.

I am really sorry if my actions affected you or your design in any way. I know better now.

Good luck with your design and future ideas.

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I've been on TL for about a year. I can admit I've broken the rule you speak of. ( I really don't post links to my designs unless I'm browsing critiques and looking for people to critique mine) Once I SUBMIT a design thats it. It's out there and I do not advertise it. If someone advertises their design on MY submission, I only help them out if they are looking for critiques. Does it make sense? I agree with you though, I don't think posting links to their submissions is fair... but then again you have the choice NOT to click it. :)


I admit I may be guity of this too - but only in the critique section to those who have only critiqued my work and vice versa.....is that rude? I agree it does get a bit anoying and I'd NEVER do that in the submission area. It seems like a real popularity comp...if you don't have many friends like most nerdy designer types how the hell do you even get noticed on Facebook or even on here (I guess your artwork has to be friggin' amazing for a start!?)
Is it ok to toot your own horn but only when your up for scoring to those who you helped along the way in the critique :/ is that fair or still a big NO NO?

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the problem with the crits section is that no one in there seems to care about others. i.e. the only reason why someone would give a crit is so as to link back to their own designs.


I've picked that up about some people's comments..... the old "Great, now here's my link!" is a bit much I agree. Yes, there is a fair bit of back scratching, but at least some people do want to help each other....hopefully I am still one of them! I still haven't hit the 'umm don't submit' button on anyone yet - karma may electrocute me through the keyboard!

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yes, i agree that there are people who truly want to help each other :) When I first started I was helped quite a bit by the crits. and it was there that we formed a pretty great group of 'noobs' who helped each other out. most of my original group has since gotten printed or moved on.

you could also try posting work in progress (WIP) in the blogs and asking for feedback. While you may be ignored at the start, it takes a while before people warm up to you. Also, it helps if you chat with the 'regulars' often.

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I'm hoping that when they update the site they block these types of comments. Just install something that alerts the person "You seem to posting a link on someone's design! That's a No-No!"


Whoa, lot's of feedback. Thanks people. :) Some good advice and opinions.

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I'm guilty of this too. It's nerve wracking having a design up. It irks me when people do it ON designs due to the fact that it says don't do it right there, but I really do think it's okay in critiques. If someone gives me a good critique and is helpful, I will definitely comment back in critiques. I think that's a good system. It does bother me that in critiques I've seen copy and pasted comments that are just there for self promoting.


Yeah I don't really mind what goes on in the critiques section, seems fine to promote there (mixed in with some actual feedback though).

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