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Advice/Guidance Wanted !


I've long been a lurker here, and always wanted to make submissions, but lacked the technology/knowhow/internets to do so. Finally I've moved away for university and now have decent internet and a scanner so now I might give it a shot. Anyways, I'm not so hot on computer art so I'm wondering what is the bare minimum of computer editing I could do and still have a shot?

For example (this isn't a future sub, just the most recent thing I have) :

I know this is not ready to be submitted, but why? What should I do so this would have a shot? Go over the black lines on the computer? Re-color it completely on the computer? I dunno. Basically I’m just a poor nub looking for advice on how to make my stuff look nice. Any help is appreciated!

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See, I think your style could be popular around here. But I'm not sure if any one person can give you advice on what would make it look better. I'm not sure scanning it and photoshop coloring would even help that much.

Was it a conscious decision to put the cigarette in between the ring and middle finger? I hope so. Because it bothers me, but I like it.


Thanks! So if you saw this you wouldn't be like " omg, the line work/coloring is so shitty" ?

and yeah, I did that one purpose, nice catch! It's one of a couple inside jokes in there


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No, I wouldn't think the linework is shitty. Its part of the style. If that is your thing then go with it. However, the terrible, slanty handwriting would instantly make me not want to buy it on a shirt.


Ok sweet, thanks for all the input! and yeah, thats just my shitty everyday handwriting.

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