2012 Submissions - to be updated . . .

Here you can see the 2012 designs and the ones that are about to come this year, before they are approved.

to be updated . . .

If you have the time, please check out the 2011 submissions from my wife Jessy QueChido.

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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Your style and mind constantly amazes me, love the Walkin' Closet, fresh zombie take there man!

Also thanks for the update on what you've been up to, congrats on what sounds like a great and busy job in California. So cool you still are up for a possible collab between us, please email me or I can email you with a bunch more concepts since the last time we talked to see if something really gets your mind's eye going!

Mr-R profile pic Alumni

@FRICKINAWESOME - Yes. Let see what can we collab on. I'm up to it :)

Mr-R profile pic Alumni

Another one - My beard… an amazing thing

Also you can find my art in Society6


Man, really like There's a gap next door. Nice work, I'll vote when it goes up.

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