Robo Maid

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1950's futuristic spin while showing how unrealistic our expectations can truly be (in a fun way of course ;).


wow i love your illo.. just try to add some shadow.. good start!

My design is up for scoring. If you have time, please comment and score: The Messenger


Thanks for the feedback :)

Where would you suggest that I add shadow?



Thanks =^^= That's super helpful!!!

I'll check out yours too. Thank you so much!


This place is awesome!!! I'll be able to make some adjustments tonight and hopefully post them tonight.

You guys rock!!!!


The left hand does seem back back the art is still awesome. I'm not sure about the background though in the circle and her being out, I dunno though.

Can you look at mine?Samurai!


I like it! I agree with the hand being just a little smaller. Great work though! Love the style.


Fiddlesticks...I won't be able to update tonight. It's getting better! It's all because you guys here are wonderful!!!



how about going for a 50s vibe but using the current maid???? i really like this idea

I Have a design up for voting, please check it out!Don't mess with the chickens


Very cool, I feel like her left hand might be a little large tho... My design is up for scoring here! Please vote!


A new update based upon everyone's suggestions! Thanks for the help and I can't wait to get more feedback :D


If there should be a shadow it should be much lighter.


I agree with Parthor. And make design much bigger so people can actually see it ;)

Generic Human

Really really nice illustration. Yeah, the shadow kinda draws the eye at the moment.

Please critique Prehistoric Pity


I think it would be better tee if the design was a bit smaller, and I think that the shadow gives it a cool depth sensation What do you think about CAJA FUERTE?


really lovely... i like the shadow on the tee.. i would like to have your creativity! check out my first design please ;) i need help! Brain_Switch


I made the newest adjustments (slightly smaller placement, lighter ground shadow and a close up of the little lady).

Thanks and let me know what else I can do to make this even better!!!


Your art skills are amazing. I'm trying to come up with something to help you............sorry. This is well done. I like the changes you made, this version is the best. If you have time, would you help me out by scoring my submission in the running? Thanks so much!


yeah! if you want check out my first design please! Brain_Switch


I've made a new version of my tee, check it out if you have time ;) Brain_Switch


This is very cool, although I honestly like Version 2 best. Both versions are great and I think will do well once you submit.


Thanks for the feedback you guys!

three fates: If you don't mind me asking...what about Version 2 worked the best?


Hey, Thanks for your nice comments on my design, it is now up for scoring. Please if you have time help me out by scoring it at: Brain_Switch


Wow...thanks everyone!

I've actually made a few more adjustments to her...I'll be posting it in about 10 min. I'll check out everyone's designs too!!!

Thanks again everyone!!!


Oh! Whoops...almost forgot...

Milan B: I'm using a cintiq 21 2nd can find them on ebay if you can afford it. It took me a while to save up to get one.


A few more updates to her.

Enjoy! :D

K Roth Binew

I hope the future is as good as this design ^L ^ thanks for the input btw, its up for scoring and id appreciate it if I got your vote~ The Rock Collection let me know when your design is up for scoring :)


To me, it is ready to submit. Unless you are having some doubt about some part of your design, in which case you should tell us. But so far it looks good.

There is a new version for my Usual Suspects, have a look !


I'm probably gonna just go ahead and have this version up for scoring but figured since I'm currently a little busy I'll post it here for a little preview ;]


Hey everyone! I'm not sure how to let everyone know about this being up for scoring's up for scoring ;]

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