Don't mess with the chickens

  • by Javman
  • posted Feb 03, 2012

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It's a first attempt, pretty sketchy. i don't know if this idea has already been done because its so obvious. all critique is welcome!!


Hi javman, nice to meet you!

Your execution, colors and stroke are very fine to me! Professional enough! Just thinking how you plan to place your graphic on shirt!

I would suggest to have more chickens on the above! So can enhance the power of chicken. ^0^

nice work!

Little Evil One

Love it. But maybe it would be funnier if the victim had a butcher's knife instead of a wooden sword. It would make more sense to me as a revenge. Just a thought. The artwork is awesome!


Don't know if it's been done or not (don't think so) but this looks pretty good. The concept is clear, I think. I'm not too crazy bout the background color, but I guess that's just a matter of taste. Would be nice to see the placement on shirt.


Lovely idea (Zelda baby!) and cool execution. I am not sure about the turquoise on blue but in general pretty close!


I always remember the Hitchcock's movie (The Birds) when that happened while playing Ocarina xD But I agree to add more chickens, i'd be more dramatic!


Zelda reference yesss! like you said its pretty sketchy, maybe clean it up a bit, if you decide not to its fine because it looks great either way :)


more chickens it is!!!! as i said its only a sketch, but it looks kinda empty doesn't it?

Helen Munch

Great illustration and I like the expression of the chickens! Have you tried without the surrounding grass? I think it might look good without it as well, maybe a bit cleaner :-)


I love it. I actually like that it has that sketchy effect. Great work!


It looks pretty good to me too, and i think the sketchy look gives it some character.


I love Zelda games.... and this is a funny and original idea!! XD



this is really awesome design... i'd like to see this in a tee..

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I really like the sketchiness of the design. It compliments the ferocity of the chickens. :3 And I don't think you need to add more chickens; anymore than what you have right now would make the design look crowded, in my opinion.


haha this is great, looks really good :P


Nice! but it would be good to see it in other background color =D


hahaha :D

Leo Canham
Leo Canham profile pic Alumni

haha yes! love this. I really like the sketchy look to it. I think trying a different background colour is a good idea. maybe a lighter blue?


Lol great no changes!


Thank you so much all of you for your support! tomorrow ill work in a cleaner version and try a few different backgrounds!


Okay, new version the chosen one between this two will be the one. what do you think?!?!?! :D


I'm with the blue Background.


Nice design! I like the details and I laughed at first because it looked like the chickens were singing until i scrolled down. Both colors schemes work, but i prefer the blue/green.


I like the blue one better as well!!!!! so? is it finished?


I can't think of any posible improvments... So its time to submit it!

Also, thanks for checking my design ;)


coolll... but how abouth, the skull is bigger it will look nice. will it?


Great job! I actually like both the yellow and the blue versions.


Final version! I'm submitting, wish me luck!


gl :)

mo_ho profile pic Alumni

Great Drawing & Color !!! Good Luck :)

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Wow, that's a lot of poultry, tell me when it's approved then i'll vote.

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