Threadless, hire me!

I'm just now starting to get that feeling....that feeling like..."Oh yeah, I'm graduating from college in June and I don't want to be working at the dance store anymore!"

So I finally began looking for jobs ...sort of seriously. Ha.

So far, the one job I'm in the process of applying for is the manager of early childhood programs at COSI. Working for COSI would be amazing. If you don't know what COSI is..look it up!

Anyway. I think that working for threadless would be amazing too. Hope that more job openings pop up at skinny corp closer to my graduation.... :D

I really want to move out of Ohio.

If only I could get a dance job somewhere...

Oh wellz. Gotta start applying and hoping for the best!

Watch this

Go for cruise ship auditions competitions tough but if you get on one you travel the world for free (room and board is included) and if your in international waters its tax free.

The downside is you do tend spend like 8 months away from home (including christmas) and the pays fairly low, but on the plus side you party a lot and after your first year you tend to save quite a bit.


didn't know pogo was a fan of the mighty boosch


cosi in columbus.

and that'd be cool, don't know if i could stand not being on land for that long...haha.

and god yes. boosh fanatic.

jet approves

you're in luck, i hear threadless is looking for a educator to teach hula hooping. :)

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