Threadspotting on the Disney Channel

just saw this promo while not* watching an all day Wizards of Waverly Place marathon. I spy In A Comic by Ross, Homework Evidence by Glennz, and Do a Barrel Roll! by jodabaum

it made me curious if the new partnerships with Disney include product placement in Disney TV shows and movies. that would be radical!

  • = maybe

Watch this
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nice vagina

spacesick 2

if anyone else wants to watch the Wizards movie tonight on the phone with me let me know


I don't know, the nick shows all seem to buy threadless tee's, that I would never know about because I never used to watch them.


The phone is so old school, google + meet up.

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my mom doesn't let me use the internet after dinner time

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The girl on Modern Family which is on ABC which is owned by Disney always wears a Threadless tee too.

spacesick 2

almost every week someone calls me during modern family and is like "hey you wear that shirt"


I thought modern family sucked.


(Probably not a Disney movie)

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I saw that too spacesick. Jk I don't watch that stuff.


Whats even weirder is that it looked like some of those shirts were fake thread less tees. Was that Glennz tee printed on that color? The promo I saw was with Montro's speedometer design and it looked like an iron on or something.

brb g2g watch Mawnswers.

spacesick 2

jubs I know ,right?!

sj - yes! I saw that last week but totally forgot about it by the time I got to the end of the trailer. I wanted it out of my brain.

spacesick 2

oh nice lmnop. you and jubs saw the same trailer!


hahaha. you watch wizards of waverly place?

i had a thread sighting this week.

my math teacher was wearing "rock out with your cock out" on monday...i was slightly turned on.

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oh my. she must be cute then.



Stephs obviously more of a cartoon network girl.

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lol @ I don't remember making this blog

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so here's a picture of selena gomez

Bio-bot 9000
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she looks like a dark elvish sorceress.


I saw this Disney channel movie the other day, it had Selena and Demi Lovato in it. I can't tell them apart, but I felt vindicated at the end because they switched places to fool a South American generalissimo and he couldn't tell them apart either.

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