P.V.D.S. - Pre Valentines Day Stress

One of the ladies at my work recently moved on to much more fulfilling vocational pastures, so I've started taking over some of the minor details she used to manage, like ordering centerpieces and bud vases, and in general: flowers.
I inquired last week with our flower people as to how much red roses for Valentines would be.
Received response: $1.89 per stem

WOW... That is equivalent to:
- 1/2 gallon of petrol
- 6 boxes Ramen Noodle
- 3 days worth of home brewed coffee, considering that you have only 1 cup coffee a day
- 1 grande "Starcrack" coffee, if you can afford that sort of thing...
OR ONE STEM of red rose

Maybe I'm a little out of touch with the demanding mechanism that is capitalism, or maybe I should buy bouquets for myself more often, but really, that's a shocking combination of numbers for me.
And I imagine that number still gets quite high north in retail shops.

And I feel like someone is trying to trade my cow for magic beans... (that's a Jack & the Magic Beanstalk reference-- do people still tell that story?)

And, AND...
Someone is making a killing, and I'm sorry it's not me

Watch this

Good luck with your Valentines day party! :)

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