One second...

need your title suggestions

done? i'll just go with two options i think.

anymore title suggestions?

thanks for the suggestions! :)

Watch this

Hey there, really cute and well executed, only thing is, do the fuses have to be entangled? since one of them explodes the other one goes too :) I prefer the 2. bg, 3rd one works too. Title, till death blow us apart maybe?


Every bg is good to me, but maybe the first two could make a better tee. The idea behind the design is well interpreted. Only thing: the fuses could be more evidently interlaced. Also, some elements for the bg could be cool, but not sure what to add. Don't know about a title.

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I love the design on a red tshirt. I think if you changed the colour of the dynamite to the t-shirt colour it would make it easier for Threadless to print the design (3 colours instead of 4)

Tony Centeno

dark grey is my favourite


Thanks for the suggestions! A backround sounds interesting but can't really think of what to do with that.


i like the light grey, but they really all do work well I think. also, this is hilarious and i love it.

Rock Daddy

You're concept is good to me. Like the dark grey. Really makes 'em pop, and adds to the dreariness of the situation I think. Title... not sure something with "blown away" or "love"


thanks guys! i added some background to it...does it look better?'s not done yet...just wanted to see how it looks.

thanks for the suggestions! :)

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Ha, fun stuff man!

Can you make a sequel with a blue and red wire holding hands as Riggs from Lethal Weapon is about to cut them apart to defuse the situation? :)


thanks evan! :)

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'Going out with a bang', 'Love will tear us apart', Hmm titles aren't my forte. Hope this helps a little.

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Love explosion ;)

Jake Friedman
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A Tangled Affair

Bad Romance

TNTanic (like the titanic, but with tnt...?)


thanks guys! a tangled affair sounds good...anymore suggestions?

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All you need is blow


Final Count Down

ReFUSE To Let Go

Out With a Bang

Perfect MATCH

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I like "Out With a Bang."

Other ideas:

The Love Bomb

Explosive Love

Rock Daddy

"I like ReFUSE to let go" as per Resistance

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