So Many Questions: DTG

So Many Questions: DTG

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GyleDesigns profile pic Alumni

Special thanks to my older bro,, for working together with me on this one. Brother power!

robber ducky

Congrats on your first print!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

haha. too good! congratulations!


Fantastic, Love it.

Kim Mak
Kim Mak profile pic Alumni

lol, great design :) Congrats!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Didn't even know this was released yet! Dang DTGGGGG's! I want this as a purty regaulr print, oh well, must have this!!!!


Nice! Clever idea and great graphic!!!


While I love this a whole hell of a lot part of me is dithering because every time I've read through it it felt weird "Why?" not being one of the questions. But it's so damn cute.


Wish it was in yellow. D:


1 It needs a "Why" entry.

2 It should be in the following order imo: who what when where why how (flip were and venn)


I think this is super cool, buying it for my girlfriend for xmas, she's just started working with children as part of a childcare course at college so I can imagine she will be coming up against these questions a lot! :)


I LOVE designs like this! It's my favorite style. Taking something original and incorporating it into anything. Love!


spunionring makes a good point lol aside those two points, very clever design. love it!


Can I follow the design and just get a notification if there comes a reprint?


Okay, I'll admit it-- I'm not a raging intellect: watt the heck is that Mastercard-looking symbol representing "venn"?... and yeah, why got the major snub. Otherwise the design is adorable.

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