the movie "traffic lights"

  • by kunduzzz
  • posted Jan 10, 2012

Watch this

I wanna illustrate traffic lights as a movie, hope you like it. I ll be very happy if you critique my workrnrnThank you


i have just realize that i put walking man on red and standing man on green :)) i ll correct it in next version. sorry, dont pass across the road while its red ;)

Kyoko L

I was going to mention something about that! the design is nice, but since it's supposed to be a movie, you should try to make the frames different from one another. For example, for the red light, you can make him look impatient, or have other people show up in the background, waiting to cross. Just a thought!

If you have some time, check out and score my design!


^ i agree with the previous comment.. maybe try to make the GO signal from smaller to bigger.. looking it like a man walking forward...

If you have time, please critique my design A Child's Dream


i ll try to make the frames different from one another, thank you


i have made small changes, i have no time today so i couldn't add different actions for ever frame. next time i ll do it. what do you thing about this version?

thank you


small changes


yes i ll, thanks

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