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So...I'm new to Threadless and less new to web based marketing.

OK, got that little disclaimer out of the way.

I'd love to continue by saying that Threadless looks to be a very cool way to obtain recognition and exposure in the textile industry. Especially considering many have not actually been able to experience the different aspects of the process directly. Very cool...forgive my redundance...or don't.

Next, I would like to ask humbly for feedback on how others choose to score submissions. The scoring averages look to be pretty harsh across the board. I've seen horrific stuff over the years working for 3 different screen printers, but in those cases, I was burning screens and pulling squeegees. Those designs were paying my wages and "scoring" was, um....not necessarily enabled. People buy crazy bad stuff, to be honest. Please do not misinterperate, I'm not advocating for bad design or execution, I'm just questioning the low scoring averages. Are these averages low because people are scoring every design they see, and on a basis of "That's a clown design, I hate clowns = 0 score"

Being so new to this, I have chosen to only score what I would wear on a conceptual basis, if I don't like the concept or theme based on my own style preference, I SKIP IT. If I choose to score it, I then rate it by the overall execution and/or illustration style and profiency. There are and will continue to be times when I see something that just jumps at me, even though I wouldn't wear it, and I will score it. Usually a bit higher because of that fact that it has grabbed my attention.

It would be great to hear some feedback from some of the more seasoned contributors, harsh as it may be, on my scoring theories.

At the time of this post, have submitted a staggering "1" designs, so I would understand being completely disregarded. In any case, there are definitely more design ideas coming.


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by your logic everything would score high and hence not help the voting process at all

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Welcome to Threadless!


The system does kind of rely on there being people scoring everything they see whether they like it or not. I've scored everything a 5, if everyone did that then everything would get an average score of 5 so that wouldn't do much good. The scoring averages are low because of the simple fact that people just aren't going to like the vast majority of designs they see. Threadless gets a far greater number of poor to mediocre submissions than they do good to great ones. People save up their 4s and 5s for the great ones and then persoanl taste comes into it.

2 designs submitted - Score now!

What they said. Also if you score a significant amount of designs, anything you 'skip' will come back again and again asking to be scored. That's reason enough for me.


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

@charity.ryan-if designers feelings are getting hurt by rejection, they are either incredibly new to the game or just not going to get adjusted to how it really works.

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