Maze Giraffe

  • by tommerz
  • posted Dec 29, 2011

Watch this

I've already submitted this design three times but they always declined my submission because "we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot" but i can't figure out the problem! Can someone give me a hint? Thanks :)


The idea is great, but a person won't get your idea quickly because it isn't expressed in that manner. The trick is, for your idea to click in the minds of the people the second they take a look at your design. The giraffe is good, but the other little animals don't fit in my opinion. I can't really come up with anything right now, but I think you should replace those animals with something that screams "I'm stuck in a maze!". :P


Cool idea. What about making the maze a little more intricate or detailed. And maybe use a white mouse. just my 1 cent


Thanks! :D I'll try to put something to make it easier to understand ;) However i don't understand why they can't print it! I can't find anything too complicated to be printed..


I think it's the fact that they think the design is unfinished. :P

White mouse idea, spot on there @rob68bbc, go for it tommerz!


Aaaah, i thought it was too hard to be printed! I'm italian and i'm 17 so i don't understand perfectly english x) So instead of the snake, the hedgehog and the turtle i'll draw mice! Thank you very much TrueBlaze & rob68bbc :D


I agree with the suggestion of the mouse. But just one mouse. And making the maze more intricate would also lend itself to the idea being more easily communicated quickly.

Take a look at mine if you have a second, and let me know if you think mine communicates quickly...Nihilism


Now it should be a bit easier to understand! :)

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