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Sooo this scored rather poorly and I was hoping to get some feedback! rnrnIt's supposed to be a fat ratking, which is a bunch of rats tied together by their tails. I wanted to keep it cute and loose though, which is why the colors are all wobbly. rnrnHow do you guys feel about the colors not strictly inside the lines? Or the color scheme?

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I like this! The looseness helps the care-free attitude of the design, and definitely supports the complicated line work.

Potentially try another color palette, maybe yellow doesn't appeal to as many threadless voters as it should. I say resubmit!


Maybe give some details to the rat things. Like some fur lines here and there. give it some more character so they dont all look the same. I do like the style though.

Please Critique if you have time:You Too, Huh?

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They look like umbilical cords & gerbils.... Have a Climatic Day!!!

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