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Hi fellow threadless peeps, if you could spare some goodness this Christmas, it would be nice if you could shower my hometown here in the Philippines some goodwill blessings, all the refugees from the recent flash flood needs right now are blankets,sleeping mats and clothes, if you have things that you're not using it anymore, we here would appreciate it if you can donate them to the people who were much affected by the flood, I came here just in time for the holiday, but instead of spending a Happy Christmas, it will be a sad moment for us, though I'm happy to be here with them in this time of crisis, it will be harder for me to be away while they are suffering here. We still don't have water in our area, so we're having a water crisis for now, but the people who have lost their homes are experiencing the worse, so if you could give some of your old stuff, just drop them at any LBC branches in the US or you can also call these following numbers here:

USA Residents, you can have your packed goods for donation picked-up at your residences.

Call these numbers for info:

1-800-338-5424 CALIFORNIA
1-866-377-1192 CHICAGO
1-800-522-9507 NEW JERSEY
1-877-983-9686 WASHINGTON STATE

You can also asked them for assistance on what other stuff you can donate.

Your Donations will be a big help to everyone, Thank you so much and Merry Christmas! =)

You can also donate here RED CROSS

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it's the time for giving

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Good resources. Stay safe.

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Thanks! =)

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